Rackspace plans to put its cloud in telco datacentres

Rackspace plans to put its cloud in telco datacentres

Summary: Telcos and service providers could soon be rolling out cloud services to their customers based on Rackspace's OpenStack cloud technology.


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Rackspace's great OpenStack experiment nears lift-off

Rackspace's great OpenStack experiment nears lift-off

The cloud and hosting company aims to make its migration to OpenStack painless for customers starting on Aug. 1.

Rackspace has announced plans to integrate its public cloud into the datacentres of service providers and telcos worldwide, allowing them to offer cloud computing services to their existing customers.

Rackspace will build and operate the cloud on behalf of the telcos and service providers.

"That telco will have its own dashboard for its customers and it will be branded as telco x,y,z that they can sell and provide to their customers," Rackspace CTO John Engates told ZDNet.

The cloud will be built on Rackspace's cloud hardware and software infrastructure and powered by OpenStack - the technology that has come out of the open source infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud computing project.

"We will patch it upgrade it and roll out the same features that roll out to our datacentres on the same schedule," said Engates. "We will treat it as an extension of our cloud. It will be another zone or another region of the Rackspace cloud operating inside a telco datacentre."

Engates argues that telcos and service providers that are considering setting up a cloud have previously found it difficult because of the plethora of software vendors and systems integrators that fail to deliver what they really want.

Several telcos are in talks with Rackspace about implementing the Rackspace cloud into their datacentres but none are ready to go public.


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  • How does that work?

    Interesting, I think. All the research I've seen or been involved with suggests that telcos are pretty well along the road when it comes to providing IaaS to their customers. They already have datacentres set up for their own purposes. Why do they need Rackspace?

    This story needs to dig into that a bit more.
    Manek Dubash