Readers, get in touch: Where is your Microsoft Surface?

Readers, get in touch: Where is your Microsoft Surface?

Summary: UPDATED: Dear readers, we need your help. We want to crowdsource as many reports of delayed Microsoft Surface shipments as possible. Can you help, and get in touch?


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Hello, readers. Can you help?

At first, we reported that if you were in the U.K. then "you're not getting your Surface tablet on October 26," because a series of delays have hampered the shipping and delivery of the long-awaited Microsoft branded tablets. 

While Microsoft representatives had consistently said that the Surface would be "shipped to arrive on October 26," the release date of Windows 8, it turns out they would in fact be "dispatched" on October 26 and take between one-three working days to arrive. That pegs the arrival of the Surface at Monday at the very earliest, and Wednesday at the latest.

Where is your Surface? It's currently "sitting in Microsoft's warehouse," most likely.

There's no doubt that as a result of the Surface shipping fiasco, Microsoft's communication strategy has been more than flawed in a number of ways. 

According to various tweets and sources, Microsoft is not providing shipping notices in either the U.K. or elsewhere. While Amazon and Google, both rival tablet makers, ship their products relatively quickly and with a good communication strategy with its customers -- Apple is much the same -- Microsoft appears to have fallen short of its customer relations commitments.

We've reached out to Microsoft U.K. but have not heard back in a timely fashion. If we do, we'll update the piece.

So, we want to hear from you.

But here at ZDNet HQ, we've heard rumblings from the social media wires that it may not be limited to just the U.K. In fact, it may be a more widespread problem, with delays hampering the shipping release of the highly anticipated Microsoft tablet.

We were wondering if you could help. (We spent our budget on custom-printed hilarious 3D business cards, Post-It notes, and Nerf foam guns that we use to brutally torment our very own Charlie Osborne, so a mere blog post is all we have for crowdsourcing information.)

Update at 4:45 p.m. BST: We've had a fantastic response thanks to you, the reader. Our inboxes are literally brimming with replies, the comments below are fantastic, and the Twitter response has been off the scale. We're talking about literally hundreds of messages from all over the U.K. and Europe. 

Here's what we know:

  • Microsoft is working flat out. The software giant now has a dedicated, separate team specifically for sorting out orders. Microsoft is utterly "slammed," suggesting the number of orders are significantly higher than initially expected. 
  • In some cases, orders will be "fulfilled directly from the factories," including China and Germany. Germany will be faster to ship European orders than China, obviously, but it also suggests Germany has seen fewer orders than it expected, which allows German stock to be transported elsewhere in the world.
  • UPS will be delivering some orders on Saturday. (Bad news if you had your device shipped to your office.)

Again, the response has been overwhelming. Thank you for your comments. We endeavor to collate this data over the weekend and report back on Monday morning. 

One reader also got in touch to say Microsoft U.K. had emailed them to apologize for the confusion -- and to make up for it:

As stated at the time of order, we expect customers in the U.K. to receive their Surface devices between October 26 and October 30. We apologize for any confusion caused by subsequent emails stating an earlier or later arrival date. To make up for any inconvenience, we would like to offer you a single use coupon for up to £50 ($80) off your next purchase from Microsoft online store.

To use your coupon, please visit, shop for the items you want, and, at check out, type the code [***] in the Promo Code box. The value of your coupon will be applied at checkout, before you complete your purchase.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please visit us online at or give us a call at 0800 026 0329.

Update at 12:30 a.m. BST: Again, we're utterly overwhelmed by the response. While you can keep commenting, we've frozen the outsourcing effort at 12 midnight BST. This data will be collated over the weekend and we will report back first thing Monday morning with our results. And so far, the preliminary results are absolutely fascinating.

Stay tuned, and we wish you the best of luck in receiving your Surface tablets sooner rather than later!

Image source: Flickr.

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  • Surface is on the UPS truck for delivery today

    I ordered my 32 GB Surface Tablet on 10/16 - the moment I received the email that I could pre-order. I was clearly told that the tablet would ship for arrival on 10/26. I've been diligently looking at the Microsoft website to verify my order and check on the status every day since I placed the order. Yesterday, I received my shipping info at noon EST but couldn't track it. I was tremendously skeptical about receiving the device. I opened the tracking info this morning (6:00 AM EST on 10/26), and was pleased to discover it is on my UPS truck and out for delivery today.
    • .

      If UPS is anything like Yodel here in the UK, u might get it in 5 months.
      • That's British culture for you

        In UK, 5 minutes is 5 months. Back in Germany, 5 months is 5 minutes!
        Free From Apple
    • Oh Yeah

      Mine too! :)
      • On FedEx truck for delivery today by 10:30 am.

        Its now 10:32 am.
        Surface 64 GB with Black Touch Cover
    • This is a DISASTER

      I mean, even in my wildest dream I would expect this level of incompetency; but judging from the level of software MS develop, it may not come as a surprise...

      That`s why I recomend anybody to pass by on tablet ReTard, at least for the next couple of years. Judging this fiasco, in 2 years ReTard may be gone, instead of done.
      • Ha! What a joke.

        Now try it in English.

        Look, so you dont like Windows. We get it. Why not just come on and say the obvious..."I dont like Windows" and leave it like that.

        Coming on here and writing like you were born yesterday and dropped on your head at child birth dosnt help your cause.

        If you dont want to be treated like you have mental problems dont act like you do.
  • HD cable only

    I got an email saying that my cable was would ship now. No trace of my surface.
    • Who Cares? No big deal if you get it today or Monday or a week from now

      It's coming, it'll be here soon, life will go on.
      Johnny Vegas
  • No tracking information thus far.

    Ordered on Oct 16th, email states delivery by the 26th. I've not received any information since the correction email at the beginning of the week. Spoke to MS support this morning, "What we are telling people is between 26-30th". I wanted to rip his head off, but it's not his fault. Took the day off work to make sure I was here to collect my parcel. Totally p*ssed off.
    • why the rush?

      receiving a POS is not something you should look forward to.
      LlNUX Geek
      • Your title says it all move on son

        I am considering the source here
        Nolan Foss
  • not shipping till 2nd November

    though I ordered on 16th October it now looks according my the orders page it want ship till the 2nd November :-(
    Scotty Sorrell McLeod
  • Surface UK

    Ordered the 32gb with Touch Cover 5 mins after pre-orders opened. No dispatch email yet, I got a response to my tweet:
    "@MicrosoftStore are there any UK stores that will be selling the Surface on the 26th, now you've delayed the preorders?"
    "@moochins If you had a pre-order confirmed to be delivered on 10/26, you should expect to receive it on that date."
    Still no surface or dispatch email, and Microsoft Store appear to have gone dark on the comms. The most annoying part is if they had just said they wouldn't be delivering the pre-order on time I could have gone to the midnight launch up the road. Nothing like whipping up an interest in a product only to fail at the first step of delivering it.
  • No further communication

    I Ordered a 64GB version on the 17th and I haven't received any further communication since the confirmation of pre order email. It hasn't arrived yet. It's pretty annoying.
  • Looks like a day off work wasted.

    Ordered 32GB with Touch Cover an hour after pre-order opened, received an email confirming the order and in it, it said "DELIVERED by 26/10". Then I got the "Nov 2nd" email, then the email saying to ignore the last one and I would receive my Surface on the previously stated date. But my credit card hasn't been charged, I've had no more emails and my delivery date on the MS Store says 2-Nov. I can't handle the pressure of waiting so I phoned Microsoft and at 10:15 A.M. today they said I would receive my order on the 26th. But also that I would be sent and email to say it has been dispatched and a tracking number. Unless the Fedex guy emails me when it gets to my local depot I'm pretty sure I've been lied to. But then I read a report saying that UK deliveries were promised between 26th-30th which was not on the MS Store website no matter what anyone says, it might have been added later but not when ordering went live. Anyway as long as I get mine at the same time as everyone else in the UK I think I can control my rage for the people in the US who get theirs today, although I can't promise anything. In fact every time I check my account on the MS Store I get a little bit closer to wanting to scream.
  • UK comms shambles

    I ordered a 32GB Surface RT with bundled Touch Cover, and a Type Cover, at the UK Microsoft Store.

    Got the e-mail about the 02 Nov shipping issue, then got the e-mail saying to expect delivery on the original date (26 Oct).

    Still waiting for confirmation of delivery - no e-mail, and web-site shows "order in process" with delivery date of 02 Nov.

    To be honest, I wouldn't have minded the delay if it was properly communicated. Microsoft Store are telling some callers (according to Twitter) that they expected 50K pre-orders, but got 600K instead - so are struggling to fulfil these. That's great, but it should have been communicated well to us.

    I won't cancel my order (you can't get a Surface from ANYWHERE ELSE in the UK), so will have to wait patiently... :(
    • 600K orders???

      I find it hard to believe 600K orders ... that is ~1% of UK population!!
  • Poor MS Communication

    As others have said, the lack of any sort of communication telling us when we might expect to receive our orders is somewhat frustrating. Especially considering the fumble with the emails saying it would be delayed until 2nd of November (and the fact that the order page now says "Pre-Order 02/11/2012" even though my original email says "Order now for delivery by 26/10" )

    I can't honestly think that they were really blown away by the number of orders, any big name product is going to have preorders in the hundred of thousands. "Expecting 50k" on their part seems like a lame afterthought excuse for the poor customer service.
  • That sucks

    You would have thought that they would have had this buttoned down, tight. I have a 32GB + a red touch cover in transit to be delivered today, and a 64GB with no update. I guess if I really want a 64GB model I'll drive on down to the pop-up store and snag me one!