Report: BlackBerry, Facebook execs discussed potential bid

Report: BlackBerry, Facebook execs discussed potential bid

Summary: Let the rumors about another Facebook phone begin.


BlackBerry is turning out to be much more popular by being on the market compared to its own mobile devices flailing in the consumer tech market.

Ever since the Canadian phone maker put itself on the market in August, which was followed by a preliminary $4.7 billion buyout deal with Fairfax Financial Holdings in September, numerous reports have circulated about other tech giants wanting a piece of the BlackBerry pie.

Lenovo was most recently being named around the rumor mill as a potential buyer.

Now it looks like Facebook might be in the running, which is bound to start up more rumors about another Facebook phone -- as if the dead-on-arrival Facebook Home scheme wasn't lesson enough.

According to The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, BlackBerry executives met with Facebook leadership at the social network's Menlo Park, Calif. headquarters last week.

Neither party has commented about what was discussed -- or even if Facebook is making a bid at all, whether it be for patents, software, hardware -- or a mélange of the three.

Nevertheless, such a deal might not be so surprising given Facebook's mobile-first approach -- not to mention a new feature it is testing right now that is quite similar to one of the most popular on BlackBerry's platform, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Announced earlier on Tuesday, the highlight of the Android software update is a mobile-to-mobile messaging experience in which Facebook members will be able to send messages to other users who aren't their Facebook friends already -- if they have the recipient's phone number.

Starting today, the feature is rolling out to a limited number of users for testing.

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  • Can't give it away

    Blackberry has courted every imaginable company and has no takers, pretty soon the collective wisdom of this should sink in.
    • Well

      Maybe but, this kind of makes sense for Facebook... They can have their own phone but, crud it makes sense for Amazon as well.
      • Kind of ironic if Facebook did buy them

        Facebook the "share with all damn the privacy social media site" buys secure messaging Blackberry.
      • Don't forget the bigger picture...

        Blackberry has BBM and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

        If Facebook wants a piece of Enterprise pie (with Microsoft acquisition of Yammer), they need to tap on both.

        Private clouds are the next thing for all: Google, Facebook and Amazon.

        What better place to start than with a proven technology with proven track record.
  • Poor BB

    It's like they are a street walker working their way down the alley, with no takers.
  • I sometimes wonder this about Microsoft

    But I think that in the end, Microsoft should spin off its OS division which will recommit to supporting a zombie Windows XP, split 8.1 into tablet/phone and desktop versions...nawww. Won't happen. They'll keep at it and after billions lost, will revive a zombie Windows XP, split the Metro interface off what is a surprisingly good Windows 8.1 desktop, and say it was all for the best.
    • Or more realisticly

      this has nothing to do with MS, and already are making billions with Windows 8.1

      Why would they need to change anything?
    • Zombie OS... LOL...'s almost Halloween and you made me laugh.
      • XP is the defacto standard, all others are just wanna bees.

        Microsoft in its craze to sell newer and shinier OS has forgot a fundamental truth about XP: "It's a defacto standard, stupid".

        Just like the CD, the Edison Screw, the RCA plug, the NEMA plug, the AA battery and the Letter sheet size.

        Of course, we can have alternatives, which may or may not be compatible: BluRay, bipin, HDMI, Europlug, Button cel, Legal, etc, but the market has spoken on behalf of the standard. Windows Vista, 7 and 8 are attempts at a new standard and until enough developers switch, they are just failed attempts.
  • It makes sense for Facebook, BUT it makes even more sense for MS

    MS has been trying to do a phone for some time now, and FAILING (sometimes spectacularly).

    IF they went for BB, they'd get a stable full of patents, AND a phone company that has a proven track record, and what's even better, they'd get an installed base of users (both personal AND, more importantly, enterprise) that will (IF they don't mess with it too much, like changing the GUI to Metro, UGH!!) give them entry into the world that they've been trying to get into for years, and some of that code they acquire from BB, might make their OS a little more secure (and we all know that can't hurt).

    Just a thought there!