Report: Most online opinions about iPhone 5 were positive; many just sarcastic

Report: Most online opinions about iPhone 5 were positive; many just sarcastic

Summary: Despite some criticism about a lackluster announcement, the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone 5 still got a positive reception from many consumers, according to a new report.


Following Wednesday's announcement of the iPhone 5, there was some criticism that Apple simply updated a flagship product without being revolutionary.

Perhaps some consumers and analysts are just accustomed to expecting too much from the Cupertino, Calif.-based company. Still, it is all but a done deal that the iPhone 5 is going to sell well. Now whether it achieves a record number of sales in a certain time frame and/or meets Apple's expectations based on previous launches, that remains to be seen after September 21.

But despite some woes about a lack of excitement at the announcement, it would seem based on recent figures from social media analysis firm Crimson Hexagon that the iPhone 5 is resonating positively with many consumers.

Based on a sample of more than 1.4 million social media posts as of September 13, here's a glance at some of the analysts' findings:

  • 38 percent of the online conversation was positive
  • 31 percent of the sentiment was neutral
  • 11 percent of user sentiment was negative
  • The remaining approximately 19-20 percent of user sentiment was just humor/sarcasm about people purchasing the iPhone and the iPhone 5's features

But conversion from positive conversation to actual sales is a whole other matter as Crimson Hexagon reported only 13 percent of these users said they plan to purchase the device.

This is worth comparing to Crimson Hexagon's figures from the day before the launch on September 11. With a sample size of 600,000 conversations in the mix, analysts found that 41 percent of the online conversation was positive. Approximately 40 percent was neutral and 19 percent was negative.

While the difference in overall percentages is slight, it reflects how high expectations are for Apple these days -- not to mention room for making fun of all the hype surrounding these product announcements as well.

For reference, the data was collected using Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight technology, which the company says has full access to Twitter’s firehose, allowing Crimson Hexagon to analyze and derive sentiment from social conversations. The ForSight platform is refined by bringing human judgment into each equation by incorporating a "teachable" algorithm that is supposed to analyze and determine the intended meaning behind the words.

Screenshot via Crimson Hexagon

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  • Yeah I saw some of these itards on kimmel

    And they were exceptionally typical of all the ipxx fanbois so im not surprised at the positive feedback to the most underwhelming phone announced this month. And I mean that un absolute terms, not relative to high expectations.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Going personal...

      Seems like you go straight for the throat and make personal attacks. You have no ability to discuss a subject in a mature and intelligent manner.

      I'll lower myself to your level: You are an asshole.
      • Unfortunately

        some trolls cannot get their day started until they have posted their first troll comment. Johnny Vegas is one of those. I dare say that it is some form of mental illness.
        • And Idol17 an many others

          share that same mental illness.
      • Ok I'll bite

        Heres my attempt at discussing intelligently without getting trolled. Lets see how well this works for me.

        The 5 is not an amazing new release of this product. It has a larger screen...ok cool but a no-brainier. it has a 28 mpxl cam. Nice, but I don't intend to print larger than 8x10s, so 5 mpxl is more than enough. 3 mikes? So what. My 4S never posed a voice cutoff issue for me. New connector = negative points.

        And I saw some writer on here bravely announcing his decision to purchase the new phone for $850 (due to cell contract and already upgraded)

        In short I'm very underwhelmed and unimpressed with the 5. Nevertheless my fellow fanboys will line up like jello to get their hands on it.

        I don't get it anymore. Apple seems complacent with having amassed their religiously devoted fan base and now just tosses anything at them because they know they'll buy it. Good for Apple for reaching such a sweet market position. But shame on them for taking obnoxious advantage of it. And shame on the fans for buying into it, seemingly blindly.
        Caviar Black
  • You Know Those Shops That Do Stretch Limos?

    You know those places that can take a standard car, chop the middle out of it and stick in an extension to make it longer?

    I hear they can do the same for your Iphone 4/4S now—cut the middle, put in the extra length of display, stuff in a bit of extra electronic technology bits, looks just like an Iphone 5, nobody will be able to tell the difference.
  • What?

    When they say social media posts, do they really mean and Apple's official forums?

    There's no possible way the negative response is that low, based on Android market share alone.
    • Re: There's no possible way the negative response is that low, based on And

      Probably because most Android users didn’t bother to express an opinion, let alone interest, and just carried on using their Android devices.
      • I can't resist this. Sorry Id017,

        but your saying most Android users don't bother to express an opinion or interest in Apple products?

        If that's the case than you are a most ATYPICAL Android user indeed. Grin.
      • Right.

        Because everyone who expressed a dislike of the new connector - including you - was/is an iPhone owner... right.
    • Flawed logic

      There's a major flaw in your logic. Android users to have to hate Apple products. People can like multiple things. The two are not mutually exclusive. I'll grant there there is a contest, but it's between Apple and Google, not the users of their products.

      Don't feel bad, though. WAY too many people fall into this trap. I think it's because people have an "us or them" mentality. Or perhaps it's because people need to justify their decisions to other people, even if they internally satisfied with the decision they've made. Or maybe they're just falling for negative marketing hype.

      Everyone has different needs and wants. That's why you have multiple platforms that are doing well. Granted, its in the best interest of those platforms to try to crush each other, but it doesn't change the fact that you can have multiple platforms thrive in the industry and suit the needs of a broader range of consumers.
      • Couldn't agree with you more...

        It's nice to see another friendly Voice of reason. At the end of the day we all benifit from the competition - think how limited iOS was in the begining, and android for that matter, and yes tech advancements have helped them do more, but it also comes down to the competiton; Windows mobile used to be truelly horrific - all the complexity of windows, none of the power! without the competition there's no need to change that; they're now rightly or wrongly experimenting with their menuing system for the first time in 20 years, as for the first time in 20 years they have a reason to try new things.

        As consumers of their products and services we always gain from their compertition; but we gain most by gaving an open approach to tech. My Iphone and my Nexus are my two go to devices; sure I do most of my work on my laptop, but I have them most places I go and they are both the best solution for me in their respective roles - I only use my Ipad for media and some cloudon stuff now - I don't really need it, and I shall be getting an i5 instead of an android device come october payday because iOS is the best solution for MY phone -read personal choice- (the iPad is unlikely to be replaced; I'm more interested in the full W8 tablets next year). But anyone of those devices can be perfect for you. Sure people are going crazy for iCloud, but I never used it short of backups!

        The point is pick the best phone for you; it could be anything from a fiver to half a grand, and iOS, Android, WM and Blackberry all have their uses... Now simbian's gone you can't go wrong ;)
      • I Don't Agree

        I love OS X and My Mac Mini but, for the most part I do not like iOS devices. OS X isn't as locked down as iOS and if it ever gets that way, I stop upgrading my OS.
  • That's a very odd use of the word 'most'.

    38% were positive - that means 62% were neutral to negative (I'd class 'sarcastic' as negative, wouldn't you?)

    That actually means the positive comments are in the minority by quite a significant margin.
    The Werewolf!
    • Neither of you are wrong

      When you remove neutral opinions (i.e. "those with no opinion"), than those that DO have an opinion are mostly positive. It's not "spin". It's a justifiable way of reading the data.
      • It is Spin

        Neutral is, Meh and that means it doesn't real draw the excitement out of the customers and they will find options more appealing to them.

        I would bet the positive number was 20 points higher for the iPhone 4s.
  • Most? Is the Reality Distortion Field still on at their office?

    Their information CLEARLY shows that 62% of the comments they tracked were either sarcastic, negative or indifferent towards the iPhone 5.

    And that's the state of things despite the fact that FB is now integrated into the iPhone? I don't see positive news here. Instead, I see yet another attempt at spinning bad news.

    The figures basically describe what I've been seeing on consumer sites like Yahoo. But I think negative views of Apple are rising faster than Apple's stock value. It's fast becoming the big bad wolf of the tech world in the eyes of consumers.
    • Hurry

      You have until the end of the weekend to influence consumers with your expertise. Then the sales numbers come out. Do your worst.
      Robert Hahn
      • Don't be gay

        Just don't.
        Caviar Black
        • As a proud member of the homosexual community I take offense

          to your comment.

          My sexual preference should have no bearing on my opinion here.
          Robert Ha‬‮nh