Reports surface on issues with recent iOS 6.0.2 update for iPhone 5 and iPad mini

Reports surface on issues with recent iOS 6.0.2 update for iPhone 5 and iPad mini

Summary: The recent iOS 6.0.2 update may have a additional "feature" that users neither expect, nor will welcome: a steady loss of battery power.


Several discussion boards and Apple-centric sites report a potential battery issue with the recently-released iOS 6.0.2 update. Users report reduced battery life, even when not using their iOS device.

In addition, Apple appears to be working on it, and has removed the online Support Note for the update, a frequent sign that an update to an update will be forthcoming. Not that iOS 6.0.2 update page had said much, other than it targeted a “bug that could impact Wi-Fi” on the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

According to a detailed post on TidBITS, the problem with the WiFi fix update appears to be with WiFi.

Michael started a car trip that takes him past numerous Wi-Fi access points in Santa Monica with the battery at 97 percent. When he arrived at LAX, his iPhone 5 was warm and had dropped to 85 percent. He then put it in Airplane Mode for the return trip, and arrived home with a cool iPhone and no change in battery percentage. Of course, Airplane Mode turns off all other radios too, so it's far from conclusive, but indicates that the problem may be related to wireless communication in some fashion.

Reading the TidBITS report and others — along with the missing page at — I can only suggest holding off on installing the update until more information is available. And if you have already installed the update, then be aware of this behavior and carry a recharger with you.

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  • Looks like I'm one of those poor unfortunate souls.

    Oh well. Someone goofed!

    I'm sure there will be an update to the update shortly.
    • Good attitude, unlike other users

      Not too long ago I remember all the iFans criticizing ASUS for needing to release updates for wifi issues and then going on to extrapolate from that that the whole Android platform was not viable and in a death spiral.

      Where are they now? Why aren't they holding Apple's feet to the fire as well for having to release update after update? It's because of this hypocritical self righteousness behavior of iUsers that people call them out on it.
      • iSheeps

        They are all high on their iKool-Aid.
      • seriously

        Let it go... There are things worth fighting for out there. Another person's choice of cell phone is not one of them.
      • Don't be a moron

        Are you and Cain69 so simple minded that you think you can lump all users of a device into on category? Of course there are all out fanboys out there that can only see the good but they aren't any worse than you two that can't see that most iOS users are actually level headed and open minded people. I am only a couple of posts into this 83 post thread but would bet already that there are more Apple hater comments like from you to than fanboy comments. So who is worse, neither as a fanboy and a hater are simply the flip side of the same coin, there just seem to be more haters or at least more that spent all their time posting here.

        I am running this update but lucky for me have had no issues what so ever. That doesn't mean they don't exist as there is nothing perfect out there.
  • I'm sure apple will patch the patch

    that patched the patch that patches the patch.

    You can't make this stuff up.
    • yawn

      same situation happens to microsoft all the time
      • Exactly. It happens to all of them apparently.

        And this is exactly why it was so stupid to hear people laugh for all those years about Microsoft patching. Just stupid.

        Windows users tried and tried to explain that it wasn’t such a big deal, problems come up, problems get fixed. There was never a catastrophe.

        Now that we have wide spread use of iOS and Android, people get to see the truth. OS’s need patching and updating from time to time. Its inevitable.

        So unless someone can explain rationally why updating and patching of any OS is such a horrible thing, people should just chill a little and stop using the lame tired old hack of a story that because an OS needs a patch there is something terribly wrong.

        There isn’t.

        Its life. Learn to live with it.
        • Zdnet even runs articles

          about how the failing of android is proven by the fact that the patch required a patch for the patch.
          Read the above and there's no mention of how it's such a bad thing that a patch should require a patch.
          Little Old Man
        • Exactly. It happens to all of them apparently

          You have expressed exactly what I have been saying for years, people complain because the word exist and they believe that it must be used, that's all. The more sophisticated technology advance, especially in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, the more there will be the need to have updates, patches, bug fixes and what have you. Some people look on developers as some sort of gods, but they are simply humans and humans make mistakes not the machines… Therein lies the answer to this blog post, we are all human and will complain for one reason or another. I just wish we didn’t do it just for the sake of doing it.
        • Not quite the same thing

          Have had issues with the update and because ios for may people is their mobile devices, having them run low without commensurate activity is a problem. Windoze on a plugged in laptop or on battery power is still less of an inconvenience when the battery runs low or the lights go out.
          • Two problems with your attempted argument there

            First, Windows updates do not all have to do with battery and could affect other functions leaving the system unusable. Not a common thing but has happened so in invalidates your post. Second, guess what a phone can be plugged in as well or is that only valid for a laptop because it's part of your attempted argument?
        • @Cayble, Thank you! Your comment

          Is one of the most intelligent I've read here on Zdnet for quite some time...
          • Agreed

            Laraine Anne Barker
      • same situation happens to microsoft all the time...

        Yeah, but Microsoft gets grilled for it and with Apple it's an "oh well..."

        Love is blind if you're an Apple zealot, apparently.
        • Really? Then feel free to explain

          the front page treatment of this issue on ZDNet.
          • Not in the same league

            as the attention given to M$ doing it. Considering everything goes 'front page' to start with, your reference to the 'front page' is a little tenuous. Look at the above article and show us where there is the same level of criticism that M$ and android get. Exactly.
            Little Old Man
          • Ok, review the past year and report back

            We will check back here for your results on how many negative articles there are about Apple updates versus Windows updates.
        • Subtle MS bashing by the press

          The press for years has shown a subtle antipathy towards MS. Almost always they're described as "the software behemoth in Redmond", while Google is "the search giant" and Apple is, well, Apple.
          Ira Seigel
        • I guess hate is blind for an Apple hater apparently