Republic Wireless and Motorola Defy XT are a solid combo for just $19/month (review)

Republic Wireless and Motorola Defy XT are a solid combo for just $19/month (review)

Summary: The fees for service from the top four US wireless carriers keep rising and MVNO options are getting more and more attractive. Republic Wireless offers a solid alternative with a decent Android smartphone for $19 per month.


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  • The camera and flash are found on the top of the back

  • The Defy XT is rugged and solidly built

  • A cover protects the microUSB port

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  • What is MVNO?

    Please include a definition of MVNO
  • What is MVNO?

    Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Essentially a company that rents access to the cell towers from their owners in order to provide their users access to it.
  • What's the coverage?

    Can you please provide a link to the coverage map?
    • Basically

      anywhere you have WiFi coverage and Sprint's network, apparently.

      The phone uses WiFi when you have access, and Sprint when you don't.
    • Network

      It is on Sprint's 3G.
      Don't get this if you live in a rural area because otherwise you'll have no coverage anywhere.
      Ahbud Dactun
      • Actually many "rural" based customers can

        "Rural" based customers have commented that they have no cell coverage, from any company, where they live. Republic allows them to make calls their own WIFI network at home or work, and use Sprint 3G everywhere else. It is a perfect solution for them. You seem to just resent "rural" people.
  • Battery is removable?

    I recently bought several phones from AT&T (iPhone 4S, HTC One X, Nokia Lumia 900) and none have a removable battery! I should also add that none of these phones' battery lives is all that impressive, which is why I'd like to be able to replace the battery at some point.
    • Re: Battery is removeable?

      Yes, the battery is removable. (I have used the service since it first started up)
      Michael Fagerstrom
  • Lack of 3G is a glaring oversight

    There is one very glaring shortcoming of this deal - the phone has NO 3G/4G capability.

    So what you end up with is a basic cell phone and android tablet in one. I wonder how many people will jump on this, and then wonder why they have no Internet connection everywhere?
    Alan Maier
    • Phone has 3G

      Phone has 3G
    • WHAT?!

      The phone has 3G!
      IT'S A SMARTPHONE! Do your research before you make up a random comment.
      Ahbud Dactun
    • as rural as it gets

      I live in Fair Play SC, in the sticks and I have signal and internet almost everywhere I go. My phone displays 3G 90% of the time.
      Lillian Lusk
  • not true

    It does have 3G capability. As one of the other commenters pointed out, it uses WiFi by default but when not in range of WiFi it will connect to Sprint's 3G network where available. Some of my friends bought this phone and have been using the service for almost a month now and it works great.
  • RW

    I have republic wireless and I haven't had a problem.
    The only problem I've had is that Sprint doesn't have the best 3G in my area so it takes a while to download apps. Otherwise, browsing social media and surfing the web have not been a problem.
    There is an extremely annoying thing, though.
    1) There is no pic messaging (but I'm pretty sure pic messaging will be enabled with the OTA update)
    2) whenever someone sends you a message over 160 characters it arrives out of order and broken in segments.

    Anyways, that's all.
    But for $19/month with unlimited everything no one should hesitate.
    Ahbud Dactun
  • I recommend it.

    I have had Republic Wireless for 8 months now, and I would recommend the phone, the service and the price to anyone. Unbeatable.
    • motorola defy xt

      I have had the service for a month now and it's awesome. later this year I do hope to upgrade to a better 4g phone like a nexus if republic can offer one-I hear 3 phones will be made available in the fall.
      Brian Hyde
  • I like the service

    I've recently started the service. Like it so far.

    If you're ordering Republic Wireless, use the link:

    to get $19 off. Enjoy folks!
  • Republic works great for me

    Most of the time, I am in a wi-fi covered area, so this plan is great!. jumbo was so generous to give you a link to "save" $19. Of course, this is a referral program, and he benefits with a $19 credit as well. At least I am being up front about it. BTW, my name is Gary. Here is my link if you feel so inclined! Thanks