Revel adds fraud prevention to iPad point-of-sale system

Revel adds fraud prevention to iPad point-of-sale system

Summary: A patent-pending identity theft feature displays an image of the credit-card holder every time a card is swiped.


As tablet computers and the Apple iPad platform in particular gain more credibility as point-of-sale options for small businesses, vendors are scrambling to add more security features.

(Image: Revel Systems)

In early April, I reported on a partnership forged by Revel Systems with MokiMobility that will bring the latest PCI Security Standards to its solution. Now, Revel is upping the ante even more: This week, it is introducing a unique, patent-pending identity theft feature that will show an image of the credit-card holder every time his or her card is swiped through a Revel POS system. The idea is to help reduce the incidence of fraud related to stolen cards.

"Concentrating on credit card fraud — both current and forward thinking into future scenarios — we built onto the advancements that have been made for chip-and-PIN, CVV codes, and PCI compliance to add a brand new component that utilizes the power of the cloud and social web to pull the most obvious anti-identity theft tool out there: Your face," said Chris Ciabarra, chief technology officer (CTO) and co-founder of the San Francisco-based POS technology company.

The feature is part of Revel 2.0, an update to the company's core POS platform. It works by associating a customer photo from the software customer relationship management (CRM) application with the credit card. (Those photos, in turn, can be captured through Revel's Facebook integration.) The photo acts as a form of facial verification.

Here are some of the other new features included in the release:

  • AES 256 encryption for Infinite Peripherals card swipes

  • Mobile device management (another feature made possible through Revel's relationship with MokiMobility), which lets a small business lock down a misplaced or stolen iPad remotely

  • Support for catering orders and scheduling (for the restaurant and food services industry)

  • A purchase order inventory tracking system

  • Delivery tracking and analytics (such as prep times, driver times, and so on)

  • A label printer from iPad for jewelry printing and ticket printing.

LinkPOS updates PCI security in mobile POS app

Revel isn't the only iPad POS technology company beefing up its security features. LinkPOS, which offers POS systems for small businesses, is also complying with the latest mPOS secure payment guidelines from the PCI Standards Council through a MokiMobility integration.

The relationship adds management features to the LinkPOS mobile application, giving small retailers and restaurants the ability to monitor and secure them remotely. LinkPOS is also making the MokiMobility software developer kit available to companies and individuals that write applications to work with its iPad POS platform.

"To be able to ensure their point-of-sale devices are in constant lockdown and are functioning as purposed tablets plays a big role in [smaller retailers'] success, productivity, and overall customer satisfaction," said LinkPOS president Steve Walter, commenting about the new integration.

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  • Increasing consumer trust in mobile pos

    This is great! I often feel that merchants and consumers alike are reluctant to participate in cloud-based or mobile point of sale systems. Somehow it always felt less "safe" than the traditional cash register. It looks like Revel has recognized this need and addressed it. i personally would feel a lot safer knowing that my face is attached to my credit card info--I could rest easy knowing that stealing this kind of info is far less easy than before.
  • security advancements putting me and my customers are ease!

    I use revel ipads in my cafe, and am very happy with this new update. my customers are always asking me how secure is it really to be using a mobile or cloud system as opposed to the old hardware systems, and this new update is just one more thing revel is doing to keep their info safe.
  • alot of cool features

    the photo-based feature seems like a very good step to increase security for mobile payments. the other features mentioned in the article also sound interesting, especially the "support for catering" which would be very useful for my business (a restaurant that also offers catering services). it sounds like this pos system would allow me to manage both aspects of my business, as well as allow my customers to feel secure with their credit card info.
  • Hmmn

    I used to have a credit card that had my photo on it - Citibank I think - can't remember. I wonder why that never became more prevalent, seems obvious really.
  • my face on your iPad

    This is such a cool feature for employees of clients using Revel.
  • gemini computer

    This is the QuickBooks POS System with which inventory tracking in my store has become a lot simple. It has great functionality and its user interface is a lot simple and easy to use. I have a lot of non-technical employees. But they are operating it very easily.