Revel's tablet POS system embraces new security standard

Revel's tablet POS system embraces new security standard

Summary: The EMV specification for "chip and PIN" cards is used for credit-card processing and ATMs around the world, but it is relatively new to U.S. markets.


Revel Systems' tablet point-of-sale (POS) system is now the first iPad-based platform to support EMV compatibility - which offers a new standard of security and interoperability when it comes to card processing.

The so-called Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) specification supports credit and debit cards that include an integrated security circuit (aka chip). It is widely used in places like Europe, but is relatively new in the United States.

The standard is part of the next wave of retail security and PCI compliance that will sweep across the retail industry, forcing merchants to improve their ability to reduce fraud. That's because unlike cards that use magnetic swipes, they are mcuh harder to hack.

Under a product improvement announced this week at the National Retail Federation conference in New York, the Revel tablet POS system will now be able to support EMV readers.

"The industry at large is faced with a major need to reduce credit card fraud and increase security," said Revel co-founder and chief technology officer Chris Ciabarra. "Revel is the first to anticipate impending changes for industry standards for point of sale. Integrating directly with EMV readers is the logical next step for us to provide the most innovative technology solutions to our customers and also give them the surest and most secure means to reach EMV certification by the 2016 deadline."

Revel's technology will integrate initially with payment technologies and solutions from Ingenico Group and Quest Payment Systems. Support for VeriFone Systems, Genius and Tyro Payments are anticipated in the near future.

Reporting and tracking functions for EMV will be built directly into Revel's backend management console, which will save time on transactions.

The launch this week covers the United States and Australia. Revel also plans integrations for the United Kingdom, the European Union and Japan.

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  • EMV Compatibility

    So glad that the U.S. is finally catching up with Europe on EMV compatibility. I’m not surprised Revel Systems is at the forefront of this—and just in time for the upcoming deadlines.
    Sam Jarney
  • Data security

    As a small restaurant owner, I can speak to the need for my customers to feel a sense of security as far as their data is concerned. We use Revel Systems’ POS software in our restaurant, and it’s great to know that data security is a priority for them as well.
    Sam Jarney
  • Security/piece of mind

    Alright Revel Systems! Finally bringing America up to date. Their introduction of EMV compatibility will bring peace of mind to both consumer and business owner.
    Alex Newman525
  • finally! a positive answer to customer inquiries

    I love Revel Systems! We use it in the restaurant where I work. I’ve been asked by customers if our particular POS made their credit card data more secure—now I’ll be happy to them yes!