Review: Yoga 2, 11-inch flexible Windows hybrid

Review: Yoga 2, 11-inch flexible Windows hybrid

Summary: The refreshed model of Lenovo's Yoga bends over backward to do everything.


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  • Yoga 2 11 thin profile

    The 11-inch Yoga 2 is not much bigger than the MacBook Air.

  • Sealed battery

    The battery is not user-replaceable.

  • Left side ports

    Ports on the left side of the Yoga 2 11 (Left-Right):

    Proprietary power port, USB 3.0, SD slot, microHDMI

Topics: Mobility, Laptops, Reviews, Windows 8

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  • Digitizing Touch??

    It does not look like it has digitizing touch. Not worth considering.
    • yep, thats what I thought too.

      Ram U
  • I never

    I never understood what the Yogapad was trying to do.
    Pollo Pazzo
  • Kendrick's review is quite biased...

    ...sounds like he's searching hard to find a good thing to say about every problem. The commonest words in the review are "not bad" and "but"!

    I know he's a big Lenovo fan, but there has to be a limit.
  • Easy to imagine a use case

    If Windows is required, then keyboard is also required. If keyboard is required, then why make it detachable? Until Windows RT gets enough quality apps to justify a pure tablet, this may be the best work around. It is really inferior to other tablets when one has to hold it in one hand and, assuming the CPU power is sufficient, superior to other tablets and notebooks in all other cases thanks to the ability to properly position the screen. It is slightly lighter and much more budget than the alternative and evidently better solution of Mac Book Air + iPad, those who want to cut the expenses 70% must be happy. And Lenovo offers Yoga Tablets for those who really prefer the one hand grip.
  • Yoga 11

    James, you rated the 11" Yoga 7 out of 10 since it didn't deliver awesome tablet experience. What would you give it if it were rated strictly as a notebook?