RoboVault: Self-storage for the rich and famous

RoboVault: Self-storage for the rich and famous

Summary: This high tech, hurricane-resistant and ultra-secure facility in Fort Lauderdale is where Florida's elite store their exotic cars, precious valuables, works of art and wine collections.


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Topics: Security, After Hours


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  • I have one of these!

    This is like the shed behind my house trailer where I store stuff, right?
  • And what about sinkholes?

    I keep hearing just how pourous the rock under Florida is, and sink holes opening up and swalling all manner of things. Hope they checked on that first before building...
    • No sinkholes

      There are no sinkholes anywhere near the airport or for the most part all of Broward and the entire FTL-Miami statistical metro area. The entire area is urban, built on solid rock and concrete, pretty much. South Florida is very developed, it's nowhere near swamp area. You're thinking of fairly new developed areas.
      • Florida sinkholes

        more commonly occur in the central to northern part of the state. Orlando - Tampa - Gainesville.
        • Speaking of Gainesville,

          a "roaming" sinkhole seemed to open under the floor at the AT&T dome Saturday evening, swallowing the Gators' field goal shooting accuracy. Well, there's always next year. Great run, Coach Donovan, graduating seniors, and the rest. You gave it your best shot and played well. UConn just played better that night. Getting to the Final Four is a great honor, and it's hard to lose, but that happens sometimes. See you guys again in November. Go Gators!
  • Thinking out of the box

    I wonder if thieves couldn't simply target people on their way out.
    • If they are smart, they won't go alone.

      And these folks can afford bodyguards to go with them. Probably drive into the secured parking area in an armored limo. It's like Mitt's car elevator, but PUBLIC (ew, almost "socialist").

      Bad news: you may meet others there. Good news: they're mostly rich like you.
  • The right piece of paper

    All that is really necessary to get anything out of that vault is a simple piece of paper issued by a judge somewhere. Any good lawyer, especially a government lawyer can get such a piece of paper. This is done with bank vaults every day.