SA950i headphones are an amazing value at just $59.95 (review)

SA950i headphones are an amazing value at just $59.95 (review)

Summary: There are a ton of headphone options out there and the latest unit I have been testing, the RHA 950i, feels great, fits well, and sounds amazing.


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  • Inside the retail package

  • The earpiece covering is soft and comfortable

    The headphones are compact and much lighter than I thought a set of headphones could be. They slide up and down about an inch and also rotate to fit your head size well. The earpieces are covered in soft material that feel like leather. This same soft material is all along the top as well. The 3.5mm headphone jack fits into the bottom of the left earpiece. The outside of the earpieces are glossy black plastic. The braided cable is 1.5 meters and does a good job of remaining tangle free.

    There are three buttons on the mic control unit. The upper is for increasing volume and the lower is for decreasing volume. The center button controls several things through a series of pushes and this is easily used thanks to the indented design so you don't have to look down and can manipulate it by feel. A single press answers or hangs up a call while also acting to play or pause media. Double press skips forward and a triple press goes back. A long press and hold launches Siri on my iPhone 5. Unfortunately, the mic is not supported on other devices and while the press and hold launches Google Now on my Note II, the mic is not picked up so it is worthless there. The retail package clearly states these earphones are made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They do work for enjoying audio on Android or Windows Phone, but there are some limitations.

  • Checking out the RHA SA950i


    These headphones are very lightweight at just 105 grams. Specifications of the RHA SA950i include the following:

    • 40 mm titanium-coated mylar drivers
    • Frequency response: 16 Hz - 22,000 Hz
    • Impedence: 32 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 113 dB
    • 1.5 meter cable length
    • Straight, gold plated 3.5mm headset jack

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