Salesforce to buy cloud firm Heroku

Salesforce to buy cloud firm Heroku

Summary: The company will buy Heroku for $212m to help with its platform-as-a-service offerings, using its platform for writing applications in the Ruby programming language

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0 said Wednesday that it will acquire Heroku, a cloud platform for writing applications in the Ruby programming language, for $212m.

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The news of the $212m (£134m) deal, which comes out of's Dreamforce conference, is expected to be completed in the quarter ending 31 January.

With the move, acquires an asset that can make it more of a development platform. Heroku, founded in 2007, has one million developers in its community and Ruby is the language of choice for many cloud applications.

In a statement, chief executive Marc Benioff said Heroku will help its platform-as-a-service efforts. Heroku currently has 105,000 Ruby apps in its ecosystem. The idea behind Heroku is that developers write the code and the company takes care of deployment, scaling and service quality.

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Topic: Tech Industry

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