Samsung acknowledges Galaxy S4 wi-fi connection problem

Samsung acknowledges Galaxy S4 wi-fi connection problem

Summary: Samsung has acknowledged an issue that can cause its recently-launched flagship Galaxy S4 handset to fail to connect to, or stay connected to, some wi-fi networks.

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Handset maker Samsung has acknowledged that there is a problem using the Galaxy S4 on some wi-fi networks that use D-Link routers.

The company confirmed to ZDNet that the Galaxy S4 had problems connecting to, or staying connected to wi-fi networks that used some D-Link model routers.

"This is a problem caused by firmware stored on a specific access point in D-Link routers. Customers should update their firmware to the latest version or reboot the access point," a Samsung spokeswoman said.

Samsung Galaxy S4 owners have taken to a number of online forums to complain of the problem, which seems to most often affect D-Link model DIR-655 and DIR-855 routers, among others. Users in a number of different countries, or with different mobile operators and broadband providers, complained of the same issues.

"Is anyone experiencing wi-fi connection problems with the S4? Picked mine up yesterday and when I connected to my home wi-fi, it would connect fine and work for a few minutes then completely drop the connection. I would need to disable and re-enable wi-fi for it to connect again only to have it drop after a few minutes again. This has been going on all night yesterday and all day today," Will822 wrote on Samsung's

Other users also reported similar issues, which seem to be able to be mitigated by changing the security encryption type to TPK, which can have a detrimental effect on other devices connected to the network.

"Have tried several firmware [builds] for the router, all with the same problem. If the fault lies with D-Link or Samsung I don't know, but the S4 is the first to have these problem," user Brochs wrote on the XDA Developers Forum.

"Same problem with a DIR-655. The router keeps locking up, even on a wired connection I can't get anywhere until I turn off the wi-fi on the GS4," eshomsky wrote, also on the XDA Developers forum.

"I confirm the same problem with a Samsung S4 and a D-LINK DIR-855. Setting the cypher type to 'TKIP' solves it for Samsung but it breaks it for an older Sony laptop," EnF70 wrote on the XDA forum.

D-Link acknowledged the issue and said it was actively looking into the cause of the problems.

"Recently, a limited number of customers have reported connection issues between their D-Link wireless router, including the DIR-855 and DIR-655, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset. Problems include intermittent disconnection from the wireless network, especially while browsing YouTube. Other devices continue to function normally. The problem has also been reported with wireless routers from other manufacturers, "a spokesman for the company told ZDNet.

"D-Link is actively researching this issue now to determine the cause."

The company suggested that customers using the DIR-655 or the DIR-855 could mitigate the problem in the meantime by logging into the web interface and disabling the Wireless Multimedia Extensions (WME, also known as Wi-Fi Multimedia or WMM). 

Topics: Samsung, Smartphones

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  • Samsung copies Apple AGAIN!

    Lawsuit inbound.
    • Up Voted,,

      Good one. Lets see if samsung saids your holding it wrong.
      Anthony E
      • Did anyone from Apple...

        say that?
        • Yes

          Michael Kelly
          • Nah

            That was cellular signal.

            It wouldn't make sense for Samsung to advise this as the wi-fi is an internal, not external arial.

            This doesn't concern signal issues at all. It's firmware. Just like initial iPhone 5 and some mini's shipped with firmware that had difficulties with some security.

            Apple issued an update to fix it. For now Samsung are offering immediate advice, and I'd expect Samsung to release an update to resolve this in due course.

            To be honest this is a poor subject for the fanboys to fight over - things like this can and will affect anyone at somepoint. They're often not even made by the OEMs...
          • Well, it's not really what was said..

            was it?
          • Only in that

            it wasn't quoted verbatim. This isn't an "Al Gore invented the internet" misquote.
            Michael Kelly
          • Nice rebuttal

            Amazing how delusional some apple fans are.

            Or well paid?

            I'll let him pick.
          • Ah, NonZealot...

            unfortunately for you, others here can actually read and see that that is not the actual quote.
          • In other news...

            Darth Vader never said "Luke, I am your father." Using msalzberg's logic, I guess he wasn't.
            Michael Kelly
          • Explain, please.

            "You're holding it wrong" blames the user.

            "Don't hold it that way" doesn't.

            There's no logic involved, just an understanding of the English language.
          • No, it's arguing semantics

            You really don't have an argument here and trying to suggest you understand the english language better than anyone is laughable coming from a yank.
            Little Old Man
          • Umm, semantics is about the understanding of language.

            "You're holding it wrong" and "don't hold it that way" are not the same.

            I don't know how well I understand the English language; but apparently I understand it better than you.
          • Semantics or nuance?

            "You're holding it wrong" and "don't hold it that way" mean exactly the same thing! Only a duplicitous nuance-loving Democrat would believe otherwise.
          • Al Gore said: "I took the initiative in creating the Internet"

            His exact statement: “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”

            Creating vs Inventing. Nuance vs Exaggeration. Equivocation vs Lies.

            Al.Gore is a chronic liar and hypocrite.
          • Addendum:

            Why not just use the correct quote? Would you rather be accurate, or NonZealot (AKA toddbottom3)?
      • This is why I give kudos to Samsung

        You joke but apple always blames the user first. "You are holding it wrong" was just one of many examples.
        • Just a hint, NonZealot...

          the words between quotation marks are supposed to be the actual words. By misquoting you completely disprove your own point.
    • Actually...

      Apple may have copied from MERL laboratory first... (prior art)
      At any rate, 5 other countries ruled that Samsung did not copy Apple including England and Germany. Only in America, and that in California...
    • What do you mean?

      What I really like about the Galaxy S4 as compared to Apple is that it has a replaceable battery and a microSD card slot to expand the phone's memory.
      Peach Adamson