Samsung announces expanded Galaxy Gear support and Android 4.3 updates

Samsung announces expanded Galaxy Gear support and Android 4.3 updates

Summary: Samsung's Galaxy Gear is a well-designed product that needs more work on the software and connectivity to devices. The upcoming Premium Suite update for Galaxy smartphones adds Gear connectivity.

Samsung announces expanded Galaxy Gear support and Android 4.3 updates
(Image: Samsung)

One of the frustrations with the Samsung Galaxy Gear — see my full review — is the limited connectivity to the Note 3.

Today, Samsung announced that the Premium Suite software will be coming to the Galaxy S4, Note II, and Galaxy S III in the coming weeks with Android 4.3 and Galaxy Gear connectivity support.

Samsung has released Premium Suite upgrades in the past and like those updates, this one brings advanced functionality to current and recent generation Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung also stated that the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega will receive a Galaxy Gear update in the coming months.

In addition to Galaxy Gear compatibility and Android 4.3, the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III will see Easy Mode, Multi-Window enhancements, advanced camera options, and more new features to match what consumers with the Note 3 and Galaxy S4 experience today.

Timing for Premium Suite and features in the software updates will vary by wireless carrier and product model.

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  • Tried one one...

    I tried one of these on at Best Buy the other day. Not sure I'd necessarily want one, but from a comfort/aesthetic perspective the device is missing two things, IMHO:

    1) You should be able to use any standard watch band with this thing: yes, I realize that means ditching the goofy camera that's built into the watch band, but... allow me to repeat myself: "the goofy camera that's built into the watch band." Enough said.

    2) Even if Samsung decides not to drop the plastic watch band and camera, they've got to do something about that stupid buckling mechanism... the buckle on the band is almost as big as the watch itself!
  • Android 4.3 When?

    Is great news but you left out the date. when is coming? No Date, your report is great but missing important data.
    Thanks, for keeping us half way inform.
  • Samsung kies software crashes in windws 7

    I download and installed but it will not open. Unless there another way to get the update a lot of people will be out of luck.
    • Crash & updating?

      Kies crashing? Not on mine. I'll assume you uninstalled and re-installed. Just don't assume everyone has this issue.
      You can also update via WiFi.
  • note 10.1