Samsung announces pricing for Windows 8 PCs, offers Start button replacement as download

Samsung announces pricing for Windows 8 PCs, offers Start button replacement as download

Summary: The company had denied it would offer the Quick Start feature, but will now let users download the app.

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While Samsung is the latest PC maker to disclose pricing for its Windows 8 system lineup, the announcement was somewhat overshadowed by the fact that the company is giving its customers access to its Start button replacement after denying it would do so.

ZDNet was first to report that the Quick Start feature that appeared on Samsung's Windows 8 PCs at the recent IFA trade show would not be available to consumers, many of whom are less than pleased that Microsoft has decided to do away with the Start button and menu in the new version of the operating system. Since then, the company must have had a change of heart, as it acknowledges that the Start button replacement will be a free downloadable app for Samsung's S Manager feature. 

Quick Start will join other utilities that attempt to bring back the old Windows Start features in one form or another, and will help differentiate Samsung computers from other Windows 8 models (though probably not in the way Microsoft would want it). Of course, the clamor over Microsoft's decision to eschew the Start button may impact how quickly people migrate to Windows 8, if they do at all.

But when and if they do, Samsung has a handful of laptop, all-in-one-desktops, and hybrid notebook/tablets that have Windows 8 pre-installed. Many of them have already been available with Windows 7, like the Samsung Series 5 and Series 7 all-in-one (AIO) PCs and the Samsung Series 7 laptop and Series 9 Ultrabook. The Windows 8 version of the Series 5 AIO will start at $799.99, while the Series 7 will start at $1,099.99 for the 23.6-inch model and $1,699.99 for the 27-inch version. The Windows 8 Series 7 notebook's starting price is $1,099.99, while the Series 9 Ultrabook will start at $1,299.99.

Samsung is also introducing the Series 5 Ultra Touch, which is the company's first touch-screen Ultrabook. The 13.3-inch laptop starts at $809.99 for a version with an Intel Core i3 processor, and $859.99 for a Core i5 CPU. Samsung is also joining the hybrid portable brigade, offering two new systems that convert from a laptop to a tablet PC. The ATIV Smart PC 500T includes an 11.6-inch 1,366x768 display, an Intel Z2760 Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB solid state drive for $749.99, while the ATIV Smart Pro 700T (pictured above) has the same sized screen but 1,920x1,080 full HD resolution, Intel Core i5-3317U CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB SSD for $1,199.99. 

The Windows 8 Samsung PCs will be at stores on October 26, when Microsoft officially launches the new OS, or you can pre-order them at the Samsung website. Would you be more likely to buy a new Samsung Windows 8 computer knowing you have access to its Quick Start feature? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Windows, Samsung, PCs

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  • Start Button

    I think a lot of people will want to download the start button app. As there are already 3rd several start button apps out there for Windows 8. So far, I have not allowed my staff to use start button apps because I wanted them to learn navigation of Windows 8 without the crutch. I will likely change my mind about that.

    Since I can get a start button for any Windows 8 system, the Samsung has no edge to that feature.

    I am waiting a bit to see to more of the field of options and prices then I almost certainly buy a real Windows 8 tablet (not an RT one).
  • Samsung announces pricing for Windows 8 PCs, offers Start button replacemen

    Hopefully Microsoft can stop Samsung from allowing the download of the start button software. It does nothing but diminish the capabilities of the Start Screen in Microsoft Windows 8. Microsoft has done plenty of research and the start screen is there for a reason and that is so you don't have to use a start button anymore. Your apps will be on the start screen. Modern apps will give you the info right there. Some people just like living in the past but the rest of us will refuse to download this start button.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Don't even post here

      You are an IDIOT. The start screen is many times slower than clicking a button, and it shows you no real information at all. You can't browse folders through it, apps launched from it don't even appear on the taskbar, and you can't close them, only hide, and it's impossible to multitasking using its apps. Keep your uneducated STUPIDITY to yourself
      beau parisi
      • No, YOU are.

        you obviously have NO IDEA what the start screen is. You get to it by clicking a corner in the same place as the old button. It shows you MORE information, with the live tiles, and if you click on a desktop app, IT SHOWS IN THE TASKBAR!!! And you click "all apps" to see all applications, so you need to click a button, JUST LIKE THE START MENU! And you can close the fullscreen apps, which you wouldn't use much on a desktop anyway, are you using the defeloper preview or something? I would say YOU are the uneducated one. Use the start screen before you spew your hate.
      • So

        You are the expert now. It would be better if you educate the uneducated rather than resort to name calling.
        Kunal Nanda
    • Re: Hopefully Microsoft can stop Samsung from allowing the download of the

      For once I agree with Daverock. Why should Samsung be thinking about the customers? Let Microsoft shoot itself in the foot if it wants to! The sooner this whole Windows 8 farce is over and tossed in the bin, the better.
    • Um

      You can still use the desktop apps, as they are the useful ones that you do work on. But you can launch them from the start screen. Isn't their start button just leading to the start screen? If it led to the menu, why would you even upgrade to windows 8? For some dumb people who can't adjust to clicking the same corner they always have, let them load a button.
  • Choice

    That's the one thing you get when Microsoft is involved: choices. Choices in form factor, and now even choices in how the operating system works. I suspect Microsoft is perfectly okay with Samsung offering a Start menu replacement. If it removes a barrier that might have kept some people (certainly not a majority) from upgrading to Windows 8, so much the better.
    • Not a Majority- BALOONY!!

      How can you possiby say that "certainly not a majority" of people will NOT go to Windows8 because of the start button? I've been using Windows since it's inception and like the current setup in Window7 just fine as it is. Balmer is a misguided looser, and he will ruin Microsoft if they don't fire him quickly.

      Don Giovanni
      • You know

        the majority of people will not even know about the missing Start button and it will not be a deal breaker for them. The fact is - Windows 8 does not come with Start button as you know it. Deal with it.
        Kunal Nanda
  • Samsung's move is a step backward

    The start button is not really requried, Sumsung's move is shit*y
  • Start Button

    It would be great if the downloadable start button really just sent you to Windows Start Screen....

    I used the the Win8 Previews for my Slate as well as my Series 7 Notebook, sans Start button, enjoyed the interface with my bamboo on the notebook, but wasn't overly impressed.

    Used it on the Slate, and was not missing the start button at all, once i took a few minutes to customize the start screen, and my quickstart icons....also, the "rocketdock" or "stardock" add ons might be fun for use on the S7 slate.

    Overall, on a touch device, the Start button was not missed. Swiping and gestures were pretty nice for quickly accessing my running programs, and I will be upgrading the tablet for sure. Notebook is staying with Win7 for now though.
  • Lets wait and see...

    I think we should wait and see what popular opinion on this subject matter is at least until consumers can get some real hands on time with these tablets. I also just want to point out that everyone is entitled to their opinions I don't see why name calling is necessary! I am continuously shocked how personal people become when talking about technology, it's like someone is bad mouthing your mother or something.
  • All about the money

    I'm sure I'll get over the start menu and wouldn't need that download. I'm still figuring out if SSD is worth the $$$ or if a regular hard drive with solid state booting is good enough. Touch screen isn't what's jacking up the prices so much: it's those SSDs (screen pixels and detachable keyboards as well).

    Series 5 is looking good here. Toshiba has the P845t. Lenovo's Yoga and Microsoft's Surface Pro have the SSD and sharp display resolution going for them. (That's another question... do I really need all those pixels?)

    I'm looking forward to seeing what else shows up in the next few weeks.