Samsung announces the Hennessy dual screen Android flip phone

Samsung announces the Hennessy dual screen Android flip phone

Summary: Most phones today are typical black slabs, but Samsung is showing they are not afraid to try something new (old) and have announced their new dual-screen Android flip phone.

Samsung announces the Hennessy dual screen Android flip phone
(Image: Samsung)

There used to be many different form factors in the smartphone world, which was one aspect that set vendors apart from each other. Over the last few years most smartphones have gone to a black slab form factor. As reported by Engadget, Samsung announced the rumored Hennessy (W789) dual-screen Android flip phone.

I was never a huge flip phone fan and preferred various QWERTY keyboard designs, but it is interesting to see such a device launch today. The Hennessy has two 3.3 inch 320x480 pixels touch displays, powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor running Android 4.1. Other key specs include a 5 megapixel camera, microSD card slot, and 1,500 mAh battery. It's a mid-range Android phone that we probably won't see officially released in the US.

The two color displays are back-to-back so that you can use them when either flipped close or open. I suppose if you really like using a standard phone keypad this device may appeal to you, but like QWERTY devices it seems this form factor has limited appeal. Do any of you want to pick up the Hennessy or hope to see it come to the US?

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  • Hum...

    Nice try but, hardly an attractive device. What does it try to address? Nostalgic geeks?

    My crystal ball says NO SUCCESS.
    • Mom and Dad...

      ...need phones too! And these newfangled gadgets aren't for them! This device fills a niche that does exist... a phone for people who really just need.... A PHONE! :)
      Thomas Kolakowski
  • all the bad sides

    OK, so it's a small form factor like your feature/flip phone (so I wouldn't be able to see/use the screen), yet it has the "smartphone" functionality that will cause your cell provider to hammer you with unwanted/unneeded data plans.
    • Sounds like a win-win....

      .... if you are a provider!
      Thomas Kolakowski
  • Clearly much Hennessy was consumed by whomever green-lighted this thing

    It's devices like this that are responsible for the high Android sales/low Android mobile data usage statistics we see.
    • Too right

      Who cares that some people want this, we have a worthless metric to uphold.
      Little Old Man
  • In Other News, Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 9

    WP9 will support hardware keyboards as well as touch screens. Unfortunately, existing WP8 apps are not compatible and will have to be rewritten. The good news is, the new development language will not be text-based at all: instead, you write code by dancing in front of a Kinect. Developers with no sense of rhythm need not apply.

    In other, other news, Microsoft announces the next-generation successor to Microsoft Visual Studio: Microsoft Dance Studio!
    • And now that MS has applied for a patent on converting text to videos

      it will also allow messages to be delivered in interpretive dance... with iambic pentameter.
      • Re: with iambic pentameter.

        Understanding of the pentameter iambic
        Is beyond the ken of a Dimdows fanatic.
    • It's a good thing Microsoft is irrelevant

      If they were relevant, they'd continually be brought up in stories that had nothing to do with them.

      Oh wait.
    • That guy below, HANLYyy, makes more useful posts than you or jessepollard,

      and HANLYyy is completely useless and irrelevant to the discussion.
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  • Might be a form factor worth considering..

    ...if it included data sharing (mobile hotspot). Personally, I like flip phone form. Often all I need is a phone, the ability to text, and a camera.
  • Hennessy dual screen Android flip phone

    Perfect for my wife who only uses phone features...