Samsung ARMs itself with Windows 8 ATIV Tab: hands-on

Samsung ARMs itself with Windows 8 ATIV Tab: hands-on

Summary: Samsung's first Windows RT tablet is thin, light and potentially a good start for this new class of Windows computer.

TOPICS: Samsung, Tablets, Windows

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  • This is a sight we are going to have to get used to: a full-sized USB port on an ARM-based tablet.

    Again, this is an indicator of the bringing-together of the Windows and mobile worlds.

    Image credit: David Meyer

  • For those who still want Intel beefiness inside their Windows 8 tablets, Samsung has also unveiled a new line of ATIV Smart PCs.

    These are tablets that can dock with a keyboard for an ultrabook-like experience.

    Image credit: David Meyer

Topics: Samsung, Tablets, Windows

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  • So how does this avoid Apples patents?

    Or is this just a way to get MS into the fray?
    • I think

      I think Apple and MS signed cross patent agreements way back when MS put up 250M to keep Apple afloat, so other than the patents for form factor I'm not sure what would violate Apple's patents.
      • That is enough!

        Rectangular and electronic apparently confuse those with IDD (iToy Deficiit Disorder) and the thought of even a single person mistakenly not buying an iToy and something else by mistake will enrage Zombie Steve Jobs.
      • You think wrong...

        The actual amount was $150M paid for past infringement of QuickTime code the time Apple had $1.2B in cash so 'bailing out' is a bit of a stretch. There may have been some cross licensing as well though it's highly unlikely that included anything useful in the mobile field.
        In the trial with Samsung, Apple divulged that they had a cross licensing agreement with Microsoft that contained a 'no cloning' clause but not a license to Apple's iOS functional IP covering differentiating features of the iPhone.
        • sort of...

          the 150m investment wasn't for infringing on anything.

          • Part of the sound bite.

            Do your self a favor. Instead of getting the hook set deep, go look at the companies financials and legal records.

            This is a decent write-up.
        • quicktime windows was outsourced by apple

          microsoft got the same company to write video for windows. The 3rd party company took code and put it in video for windows. Very quickly, Microsoft fixed this.
          As part of the deal, Microsoft bought stock in apple, Apple put IE on Apple, Microsoft continued to make Office for windows. Very complex settlement, but to suggest that Microsoft directly stole Apple code is quite a stretch.
    • No

      They settled their IP conflicts and built in cross license deals years ago. You won't see them in court over it, both would have far too much to lose.
      • "microsoft stealing apple's desktop"

        is the most laughable claim people make. Both copied the Xerox star. Xerox at the time could not patent this as they were in anti-competitive legislation.

        Bill gates bought a Xerox Star, Apple saw the Xerox star. Both corporations hired from the Xerox Star team. Both built a Xerox Star-like system.
        Microsoft didn't steal from Apple.
    • x license

      The Sammy trial brought it out. As long as you don't look at the tab and think wow that looks really close to an iPad then they are safe. Same goes for apple. As ling as you don't look at the iPad and go wow a new win tab then apple is safe. Remember apple did hold up a Nokia and say this is how you don't copy us.
    • Easily.

      It has a non-black background. Do you really buy the clap-trap people talk about rectangles?
  • ZDNet slideshows are awful

    Again, I point out that these new slideshows on ZDNet are so poorly done that the distraction from all the flashing and scrolling makes them unwatchable. Surely you can find some decent technology for putting slideshows on a web page that are not so unbelievably pathetic.
  • Given everything...

    Given everything that happened to Samsung when they went with Android ($1 Billion loss) I fully expect them to get into Windows 8 tablets in a huge way. Truth is, I believe the majority of current android based manufacutres are going to make the change to Windows.
    • They have no axe to grind either

      Yes, but not exclusively, and it won't have anything to do with any lawsuit.

      With just a little bit of extra care, a manufacturer can turn one hardware engineering effort into two products. Why wouldn't they? Samsung doesn't care whether you want Android or Windows. What they care about is that you buy their hardware.

      Near as I can tell, only Nokia was nutty enough to commit themselves to only making Windows phones. They'd better make some really good Windows phones, because The Other Guys are going to be combining volumes from both camps when they go parts shopping.
      Robert Hahn
  • sort of...

    the 150m investment wasn't for infringing on anything.

    • no idea why this is way out here

      should have been a reply to a thread
  • not really

    Apple pay more because buy MS rights for Exchange sync and also IP agreement
    edrin ed
  • w8

    have a new feature of W 8 here
  • Where is the story

    This has to be one of the weakest stories on Zdnet for a long time. About 50 words and 4 pictures. Still its looking a bit like this week is the Samsung product placement issue.
    • Get some press

      It probably IS the Samsung product placement issue. Somewhere in the bowels of Samsung there is a poor drudge whose job is to get these product announcements covered in the press. He's trying to pick a date when he can get them out there without sharing the spotlight with The Other Guys, or getting totally wiped off the map by Those Guys.

      Next week has already been claimed by Amazon, and I think the week after that is Apple's. HP still has to get their Windows 8 line out there too.

      It looks like the Dell guy, the Sony guy, and the Samsung guy all picked the same week... this week. That's the way it goes. Lenovo appears to be dribbling their stuff out a few devices at a time. I like that idea.
      Robert Hahn