Samsung attempts to preempt Apple with Note 3, Galaxy Gear event

Samsung attempts to preempt Apple with Note 3, Galaxy Gear event

Summary: Sammy appears to have timed its September 4 event at IFA Berlin to dominate the news cycle ahead of Apple's still-unconfirmed event on September 10.

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, iPad, Samsung
Samsung attempts to preempt Apple with September 4 Note 3, Galaxy Gear event - Jason O'Grady

Apple arch-enemy Samsung has sent out invitations to a press event on September 4 in Berlin, smack in the middle of IFA, a huge tech trade show rivaling CES, which takes place the same week. The timing is no coincidence though because the event occurs just six days before Apple's rumored iPhone/iPad presser on September 10

The strangely named "Unpacked 2013 — Episode 2" event comes with an equally strange looking press invitation (above) that looks like a Genesis album cover from the 80s.

According to 9to5Google Sammy is likely to debut the Galaxy Note 3 at the event (note the less-than-subtle fourth square on the invite) as it has at IFA for two years running. The Note 3 is expected to come with multiple CPU options including an octo-core Exynos 5 Octa 5410/5420 or quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor running Android 4.3.

The other rumbling is that Sammy might take the wraps of its Galaxy Gear smart watch at Unpacked 2013, which like the  event itself, was announced based on an Apple rumor

Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 will be live streamed on the Samsung YouTube channel and in New York's Time Square (take that Apple!)

Are you waiting for a Note 3 or the Galaxy Gear? Would you buy it ahead of the Apple event?

Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad, Samsung

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  • yeah well

    Samsung is just beating them at their own game.
    • All the while

      Playing their own game of "let's see what Apple's gonna do by copying what we are selling them"... It's worked out well for Samsung thus far.
      • Apple is a nice boy

        So Apple had never ever copy from the competition. ja
  • id go for 6 days after Apple

    ...With were better than Apples latest device in so many ways... Its a gamble either way although they probably already know everything about what Apples going to announce.
  • Who's Sammy?

  • Bring on the Note 3

    Yes, waiting on the note.
  • Competition is good...

    My office manager has an iPhone 5. I like it; it's solid and well-built. The Note 2 works better for me (larger screen, more features I use, etc.), but I'm sure I could make it on an iPhone. I am an IT executive, however, so Android tends to suit my needs better than iOS. I will look hard at the Note 3 ~ Jan. of next year.

    Samsung is really 2 companies - Sammy + Google (Android). You do have to give them credit; their phone outsells the Nexus using the Nexus' own operating system. When you combine the resources and market cap of these two, Apple may still be bigger, but it's a close fight. And then, there's Google Glass.

    Glass will change everything ... EVERYTHING.
  • Samsung

    Samsung is a powerhouse working with every major consumer electronics company out there. Samsung makes Apple's processors for them. Apple doean't really make much of anything, they deaign and then get other people to make them. Samsung's Notw 3 will have features that arw foreign to any Apple products so when I see anyone say anything about copying, its just crazy. Qhwn you see the umpacked event, you will agree that there is no copying done here. Samsung is now working with Microsoft as well as Google and I wouldn't be surprised if we see our first ever smartphone that has both Windows and Android on it. Apple just keeps giving people the same phone with a few more features over and over again. The best idea they've had was Siri, which I like but I would definitwly buy an Iphone if thwy madw it bigger, it had more space, ability to multitask, better specs, and if it isn't the same hardware used over and over again. Bring something new and innovative Apple, and I will be a fan for life but for now, nobody can beat what Samsung is bringing to the table in the consumer eletronics market. Their only problem right now is google. Hopefully Android 4.3 or 5.0 won't be a burden for Samsung to carry.