Samsung Chromebook in 3G slips out for $330

Samsung Chromebook in 3G slips out for $330

Summary: The new Samsung Chromebook announced yesterday has Wi-Fi connectivity only, with 3G coming in the future. The future is now as Samsung is already offering a 3G model with 2 years of Verizon 3G for free.

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Samsung Chromebook 3G
JK Chromebook (300x286)

I am still marveling over the $249 Samsung Chromebook that arrived yesterday. Thin and light, the new Chromebook packs a lot of wallop for that low price. The only improvement it could benefit from is the inclusion of 3G for those times a Wi-Fi hotspot is not available. That's already an option as Samsung is now offering a 3G model for only $329.99.

The Verge spotted this first, and it surprises all of us as the new Chromebook was only launched hours ago. I guess Samsung couldn't wait to get the 3G model out the door, so it's available for order now.

Like older Chromebooks with 3G, this model comes with free 3G Verizon data for two years, although only 100MB per month. That's not a lot of data but higher volumes are possible with a fee based on volume.

Update: Word from Google is that the 3G Chromebook is not available in the US yet. It is coming soon but no official timeline.

Topics: Laptops, Google, Samsung

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  • I wonder how 3G use impacts it's battery duration performance?

    The answer to that question really isn't that important because, if one needs 3G than battery duration times are secondary concerns. Just my curiosity "speaking". Grin.
    • 3G and Battery Life

      3G has an impact on battery life, but I always leave it turned off unless I'm in a location where no Wi-Fi access is available, so the effect is moot. I've been using 3G Chromebooks since December 2010, and I have never — let me repeat that, NEVER — used up the 100mb monthly quota. At 27 days into this month's 100mb, I still have 53mb unused, which I will probably use at a cabin in the mountains tonight. I don't have a smartphone because I refuse to spend $50/month for a data plan; a Tracfone at $100 a year serves my needs nicely. Even the cheapest mobile 3G hotspot would cost far more over 2 years than the price differential between a Wi-Fi and 3G Chromebook.
  • 100 Mb? LOL, tell me another one!

    100 Megabytes of 3G data is little more than a teaser to get you to sign up for a usable plan. You can chow through 100 Mb in a weekend of light use. I certainly wouldn't pay $70.00 for a year of it.
    • LOL, tethering technology still didn't reach you??

      Here in Holland I simply connect my tablets, labtops or other devices through USB/Bluetooth/Wifi tethering to my 3G ANdroid smartpone or Iphone, when no WIFI available. I have an unlimited data plan and it just always works fine!! But practically everywhere I go there is WIFI, so at least to me this is really a non-argument.

      ON TOPIC
      For sure this is what I have been waiting for!!!! I have dual & tripple screen MAC and WIndows workstations, but whenever possible I do my computing in the cloud. My companies bookkeeping uses a great cloudservice here in Holland, my documents are in the cloud, my communications go through Google and Android: email, video calling and VOIP. So many times I am using my powerfull and expensive workstations simply to run the Google Browser with 15-20 tabs open on 2 to 4 screens (ofcourse also for more powerfull computing tasks when I do need their more powerfull hardware). I already planned to buy the Google Chromebox en Chromebook, but just had some reservation because I found the Chromebook devices still somewhat expensive. Now at these prices buying them for me and my coworkers has just become an absolute no-brainer!! When I travel in Holland and Europa I always use a labtop (windows or Mac) just to run the Google browser to continue al my communications services and webservices. ANd now finally with the Chromebook I can do all this with

        and now with the Google Chromebook and Chromebox I can do all of this WITH NO MORE COMPUTER MAINTENANCE!!!!! My god how I LOVE THEM FOR THIS!!!!. No more updating, upgrading, moving all your files and programs to your next new device. (of which I buy frequently). Now just quickly get some major software producers connect to Chrome OS (Adobe!!) and I will be running multiple screen Chromeboxes exclusively soon. Only I hope it will be possible to connect Apple screens to the Chromeboxes, because they are the best ones I found upto yet.
  • ZD net

    ZDnet might have more readership if they stopped publishing about things almost no one is interested in, like Chromebooks for example.
    • Really?

      If you are not interested, then what are you doing reading this blog and posting comments? Either you are an idiot or a shill.
    • ZD Net

      Dude, get a life!
      Oscar Jones