Samsung confirms it will sell Tizen-based smartphones

Samsung confirms it will sell Tizen-based smartphones

Summary: Samsung will begin selling smartphones that feature the Tizen operating system this year.

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Samsung plans to sell handsets featuring the Tizen operating system this year. The Korean firm's move is due to Samsung's wish to lessen its reliance on Google's Android operating system, according to Bloomberg.

Samsung confirmed it would sell handset models featuring the operating system, issuing an emailed statement:

"We plan to release new, competitive Tizen devices within this year and will keep expanding the lineup depending on market conditions."

The firm has not yet disclosed any specifics when it comes to compatible models, prices or time frames outside of the next twelve months, but it may be that as California-based Google continues its push into the mobility market, Samsung -- the world's largest seller of Android-based smartphone models -- wishes to lessen its reliance and dependancy on the tech giant's operating system. An alternative OS Samsung has a hand in developing, such as Tizen, could help the firm achieve this goal.

In late December, Japanese publication the Yomiuri Shimbun reported that NTT Docomo -- the country's largest mobile communications firm -- had partnered with Samsung in order to release a Tizen device at the Mobile World Congress in February this year. Citing undisclosed sources, the publication said the ultimate aim of the venture was to form a business group that will rival Google and Apple, as well as bring back Docomo customers who have been leaving in their droves as the company does not offer iPhones.

Tizen is an open-source operating system which is based on Linux, coming into being after the demise of Nokia's MeeGo. After acquiring development partners including Microsoft, Samsung and Intel, the OS has become an alternative solution to operating systems such as Android or Apple's iOS. Overseen by the Linux Foundation, the operating system was considered to be more open, although there are a number of restrictions in place to stop tampering with the underlying platform.

Tizen can also be used to run tablets and television sets -- something Samsung may be keen on considering its Smart TV evolution kit development and research into improving the interactivity of television sets.

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  • Not A Chance

    Could be fine for TV sets but, for phones, this is a dead end road.
    • Tizen is 1st Mobile OS Based Solely on Desktop Computing!

      It's NOT a crippled stripped down, Garden Walled Proprietary POS like iOS is. Nor is it stripped down and down ported to mobiles. It's a full kernel based on Samsung Bada OS. Which is a full RTOS (Real Time OS) and with it's own market, it has been routinely beating out MS WP7/8 in market share. So Tisen (Linux & Bada) has the best of both Worlds w/o the Proprietary mindset of either Android or Bada. It's totally OPEN..... unlike Blackberry 10 OS, but can still boot instantly for an instant ON experience.

      Yet.... it's App Store will be the entire Web. Why? Because it's Apps are W3C Wigets and can run inside HTML5 pages. Tizen is therefore the only OS that can basically run any Apps after porting to HTML5. Apps from Apple Store can be converted to .wgt W3C's Widget extension. Android Apps renamed .wgt and few changes now run native on Tizen. Plus they already have the ability of running Play Store Apps now. All other competitors can only run Apps from their own stores appropriately coded to only run on their devices.

      Tizen is like a Multi-fuel stove that burns Coal, Oil, pellets, corn or whatever else new fuel comes out. It's NOT PROPRIETARY in the Slightest! ........the Web is cross platform and that's where we're headed today. If you are a developer your eyes are more and more looking at HTML5 and selling ONE App that runs on all platforms. It's the same thing that happened to game developers. When they got fed up with exclusive lock-ins to PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and desktop computers, they just started porting to every platform and killed the exclusive proprietary market. They made far more money and that's what all developers want!

      The same thing is happening in Mobiles and these proprietary companies like Apple, Blackberry and MS w/ WP8 with their own closed exclusive stores (Android now has 1000's of App stores around the world. Top 20 in China already do better than Play Store in China. Google isn't focused on profits from Apps like Apple or MS is. They make their money off Ad business. So when Tizen can basically install any widgets from Apple, Linux, Google, HTML5, Microsoft, etc, which OS will you want to develop for? Tizen will have HTML5, Flash, Widget Apps and simple to port Apps from all it's competitor's stores available to it! even if manufacturers or carriers attempt to push iOS or Android or WP8 locked into proprietary stores, Tizen users won't care and will be the smartest users in the mobile World. The proprietary companies are doomed without having their exclusive deals or proprietary services. Developers will all migrate to the most OPEN Cross Platform OS and devices and it'll be that Openness that kills all their competition. Apple won't be able to keep developers working exclusively on their Apps. Developers will all go to the most Open Platform, where it's a Write Once, Sell Anywhere, Run on Anything platform. W3C widgets and HTML5 fit that perfect!

      Got a widget on your desktop you want on your Tizen device? No problem! Got 1000 Android Apps you bought in Play Store? No problem, cuz you can run 'em on Tizen (they got App Signing fixed already). How about all those Apps from Apple's Store? No problem, because they'll all port quite easily and rename to .wgt in a heartbeat with W3C's tools already being developed! :DDD .....therefore Tizen's App Store is the WHOLE WORLD Wide Web and Every Store in it!!! hahaha....
  • Tizen Destined for Failure

    If Samsung thinks it can just slap a new OS onto a smartphone to lessen its reliance on Android, it should start looking at Windows Phone 8 (WP8) market share - an OS that is arguably superior to Android that has yet to really take off. WP8 has billions in marketing dollars from Microsoft and Nokia behind it, a slick UI, Office for mobile, Xbox Live, Zune Music, a social media hub, Kids Corner, Windows integration, IE10, and over 100,000 apps in its app store. What will Tizen (or Ubuntu Linux for that matter) bring to the table that's better than that?
    • Puleeze!

      "an OS that is arguably superior to Android"

      WP8 in it's current guise is far from superior to Android. I have both and I can assure you as a developer, and consumer of both devices, Android spanks WP8.

      I DO hold hope for WP8.1 to iron out some MS stupidity development choices, but unfortunately MS seems to be headed down the walled garden approach Apple already has. For real.

  • good news

    It seems, this is th eyear we will learn whether Android is any good. That is, if people buy the Galaxy SIII in droves because of Android, or because of what Samsung has made.

    Smart move by Samsung. Never put all your eggs in the same basket, especialy if that is someone else's basket.

    Windows Phone went from bad to worse. Marketing dollars don't drive technology.
    • Windows Phone

      ...should have been put out of its misery while it was still Windows Mobile. I do have to say WP8 is something different, a decent UI and maybe not bad, but after WinMo, I'm sure not putting my money into trying it.
    • Re: or because of what Samsung has made.

      That question has already been answered, by the failure of Samsung's Windows Phone efforts.
  • Would definitely buy Windows phone

    I have little use for a smartphone (and almost no use for a cell phone, only as an emergency backup. I have better things to do than be tied down by a phone 24/7). However, having read about the competiting phone OSs, I'd definitely go Windows 8 phone. I prefer the Win 8 phone interface as well as the integration with other Microsoft products. I don't know that Tizen will take off in the US (maybe other countries, not here). Same with the Ubuntu OS for cell phones. It's definitely down to Win 8 (phone), Android, and iOS. And instead of denigrating Win 8 phones, you might be happy that you still see competition in the smartphone market that allows for competition and choice.
  • The Future Belongs To Open Source

    Proprietary systems have had their day. The only thing that can offer serious competition to Android is another Linux-based OS.
    • Tizen is actually based on Bada OS (RTOS like Blackberry's OS)!

      Bada OS is a military certified RTOS w/ instant ON capability. Real Time Operating Systems is what governments and businesses like to use. Go back to Viet Nam days when PBR's had to start a generator before they could boot up their new automated targeting guns. It was a fiasco that got many of them blown up. They knew they needed an OS back then that needed to have instant ON feature. Because not only did you have to fire up the generator, but you had to wait for computer to boot before you could shoot! was a catastrophic mistake in design engineering and was the birth of RTOS operating systems!

      Another thing people don't seem to realize about Tizen is it's not owned by Samsung. Samsung has donated Bada and Millions of Dollars to this Open Source Mobile Operating System development. They even donated the space for Open Source developers to work in their Dallas Texas Samsung Telecommunications Headquarters. They also just recently released the first new file system designed exclusively around Solid State Drives to Linux Open Source. Although Tizen is not fully Linux, or a pure RTOS, it is being developed to run Apps that are basically Widgets (a format developed by W3C years ago).

      Which means, these Apps can run on HTML5 web pages. Which means Apps developed for Tizen can run on any platform that supports HTML5. Now if you are a developer, if you have to choose one platform to develop for, are you going to pick iOS which only has 15% active smartphone market share or Android that still only has 55% of active phone market share? Better yet.... developers aren't dumb. They want to sell their Apps to the most people regardless of the device or OS they use. If I develop for Tizen, I will be essentially developing in a time proven format (.wgt from Open Source Linux and W3C approved) easily ported to any closed proprietary format with tools now out or in development. Developers are tired of being controlled by exclusive deals that keep them making less than they could. Open Cross Platform Applications (like Java or FLASH) can be installed on most any device besides Apple's and Google's without fully ground up created and coded applications in their proprietary format. Tizen's App Run Time basically boils down to Widgets that have run on Linux, OS X, Android, Blackberries, Windows and WP7 since they began!

      Tizen over the long haul is already set to beat out all the competition w/ developers happy to choose to only have to develop their Apps ONCE..... and have them be capable of running on Desktops and Mobiles, whether proprietary or not. If I can only run proprietary Apps like iOS, who do they want to develop for? It's going to be Tizen and the Web and Tizen will be the OS of Choice with full cross platform capabilities! Proprietary is DEAD.... and Open will Rule our Computing World. Think about it; in China Android is installed on over 80% of devices. It's based on Linux, so Open Source Linux is killing proprietary Operating Systems World Wide and Tizen is even more Open and w/ it's Cross Platform abilities will rule the Future!!!