Samsung Display sues LG over LCD patents, again

Samsung Display sues LG over LCD patents, again

Summary: The company accuses LG Display of copying its plane-to-line switching tech in seven of the latter's patents and is seeking US$1.87 million in damages and sales injunctions against its rivals' products.

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Samsung Display has filed another lawsuit against local rival LG Display for infringing its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) patents.

According to The Korea Times Wednesday, Samsung said the suit was filed with the Seoul Central District Court to invalidate seven LG patents that allegedly copied its plane-to-line (PLS) switching technology without paying royalties. A court spokesperson also confirmed the lawsuit had been filed last week.

LG had modified the PLS switching technology by Samsung without permission, and named it "AH-IPS" technology for use in its small- and medium-sized LCD screens, Samsung wrote in its filing. It added the company had patented the PLS technology in November 1997 but LG "copied" it.

"We are seeking a complete sales ban for consumer products manufactured by LG Display and LG Electronics that used those patents," Samsung said. It is also seeking 2 billion won (US$1.87 million) in damages and a permanent injunction on the sale of LG's digital devices, including the Optimus G and Optimus Vu 2 smartphones.

"The fight is a matter of pride. Damage compensation is not a real issue. I think both of us seek to be recognized as a leader in the global display-making industry through the legal battle," an unnamed senior Samsung executive told the news agency.

When approached by The Korea Times, Sohn Young-june, head of LG Display, said: "We've heard that Samsung Display filed its latest lawsuit with the court. After reviewing legal papers, we will prepare a counter-attack."

This is the latest development amid a backdrop of corporate espionage and legal tussles between both Korean companies. In September, LG Display had filed a suit against Samsung, claiming violation of the seven organic light-emitting diode (OLED) patents in question and alleging Samsung copied the design of LG's OLED panels, driver circuitry and device designs.

Samsung then filed a lawsuit against LG Display last month, claiming the seven patents were invalid as these lacked innovation.

In July, 11 Samsung employees were also arrested by local prosecutors on grounds that they stole and leaked confidential information about OLED technologies to LG.

Topics: Legal, Patents, Samsung, Korea

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  • This is interesting

    Pot calling Kettle ..... :D
    Ram U
    • Actually

      Actually, it isn't, unless you're among the crowd that believes Apple invented the smartphone.

      I'm going to bet you didn't get past reading the title and upon seeing the word the word "sues," decided to draw a flimsy comparison.
      • Actually I read the complete article

        And I know Apple didn't invent the smartphone. All I said was one thief is suing another thief.

        My background is Electrical and Electronics Engineering and I had to study all of these.
        Ram U
        • Wow

          And even with an E&E, you found legitimacy in design patents as weak as the ones Apple's? Rounded corners and edges? Really?

          I won't bother to ask where you went to school or your class rank.
          • Wow indeed!

            Because if you had dome your own research rather than just guzzle the kool aid like it came from Eric Schmidt's own pantry you'd know that the whole "rounded corners" is simply 1 part of the entire patent that Samsung violated. Then again your response is exactly what I would expect from a misinformed fanatical Android fanboi.
          • Indeed

            It was part and parcel of it.

            Then again, your response is exactly what I would expect from a misinformed fool.
      • And also PLS is not Samsung's own invention

        I last that link, but if you want I could find it. n/t
        Ram U
      • I too find it quite ironic

        That SAMSUNG is accusing someone of theft!
        • Except

          Except there's no irony, it's just hypocrisy.
  • good grief

    I wish these companies would sign up for arbitration and spend the suit money, instead, on paying people in the U.S. to make their phones. I have an LG phone and love it. It gets 4GLTE (via AT&T) and the screen is absolutely its own because it's that funky Intuition! Ha! It's great for taking notes for clients at my NYC salon.
    Margie Dempsey