Samsung executive: No plans to settle with Apple

Samsung executive: No plans to settle with Apple

Summary: The head of Samsung's mobile and IT division has made it clear that the company has no intention of following in HTC's footsteps and settling its legal dispute with Apple.


While handset maker HTC has decided to settle all its legal disputes with Apple, setting up a 10-year licensing agreement, Samsung has indicated that it has no intentions of caving in to the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant.

Speaking to Yonhap News, Shin Jong-kyun, head of Samsung's mobile and IT division, made it clear that there was no chance of a similar settlement.

"It may be true that HTC may have agreed to pay 300 billion won ($276.6m) to Apple, but we don't intend to at all."

Samsung and Apple have been involved in bitter patent wars in four continents since April 2011.

In August, a court ruled that Samsung had to pay Apple more than $1 billion in damages for infringing on a number of iPhone and iPad features with its Galaxy S series of smartphones. Samsung has appealed against the ruling.

In other territories Apple has not enjoyed the same legal success, with courts in the Netherlands and Japan dismissing Cupertino's claims of infringement by Samsung.

Very few details have been revealed relating to the Apple--HTC deal, but there is speculation that HTC will pay Apple between $6 and $8 per handset sold -- a deal that will see Apple pull in between $180 million--$280 million a year -- a drop in the ocean for Apple, but a clear indication that Apple is more than willing to settle, as long as the price is right.

Earlier this month market research firm Strategy Analytics released a report suggesting that Samsung's Galaxy S III ousted Apple's iPhone 4S as best-selling smartphone.

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  • Inevitably...

    Queue the applauding Samsung apologists who would rather support a convicted copier of an American companies IP in direct conflict with their own best interests and those of the American economy.
    Hypocrisy of the highest order.
    • Apple says they stole, so they must have... right?!?

      Frogspaw, have you seen evidence that Samsung infringed on any of Apple's patents, or are you just assuming they did because Apple said so? I have personally looked at each of the patents that Apple is suing Samsung for, and they are either not legitimate patents(I blame our USPTO for that) and should be overturned, or they aren't actually being infringed upon. For instance, the Samsung devices do NOT look enough like an Apple product to be guilty of copying their "trade dress". Furthermore, the other patents that they have, are all on "ideas" that have been in the industry for as much as decades for some of them and no later than the early 2000s, iPhone development didn't even start until 2004.

      Also to touch on your comment about an American company and our economy. While Apple is sending jobs overseas, Samsung, a Korean company, is bringing jobs to the US. They are about to dump 4 billion dollars into a Texas manufactory that they own to heavily increase their productivity in the US. As a resident of Texas, I see Samsung bringing more jobs to this community that Apple is.

      You really should do some research before you start throwing out wild accusation(claiming Samsung stole IP from Apple) and making comments about things that you clearly don't know about.
      Trent Richards
      • ???

        Are you for real?
        Did you miss the biggest American court trial in recent history? Samsung fined $1.2B for copying?
        That's a very dark stone you live under.
        • And...

          ...the court is out on the jury. Samsung is appealing the verdict (seems that the foreman talks too much).
          John L. Ries
        • It's true because the courts sez it's true!

          This is hilarious. Although I agree with you John, Frogspaw has a point. Samsung MUST have stolen from Apple because the courts said they did. And our courts NEVER get anything wrong. Nope. Just ask OJ, Casey Anthony, and the LA cops who were acquitted in Simi Valley of beating Rodney King despite video evidence. Our courts are A-number-one fail proof.... Yessiree....
        • Did you miss the patent trial in Texas

          Using your own words, Apple is a patent thief. Apple has been ordered to pay 300+ millions for patent violation
          Van Der
    • LOL

      Where do you get your information kid, MacDailyNews?? LOL!
  • I'm from the UK

    Am I alright applauding the size of samsung's cahonas?

    Over here you see, they didn't copy and tbh, considering all your *great* US companies are being investigated for tax arrangements, well, you can stick your US bias right where the korean sun don't shine.

    Let's face facts, samsung clearly think they can fight this so let them try. If they don't think they can but they fancy giving it a go anyway, lets watch them fail miserably. Either way, it's going to be interesting and personally I don't care who wins. The shakedown of (bogus?) patents will be the most interesting outcome form this.
    Little Old Man
    • Funny how frogspaw

      glosses over the fact that apple have been 'convicted' of IP theft also.

      But of course, they're american so, apple ftw.
      Little Old Man
  • Good for Samsung

    I'm glad to see Samsung standing up to Apple. Apple's arrogant, narcissistic and condescending attitude needs to be brought down a notch or two.
    • So you think Samsung is the good guy here...

      Samsung has IP that they are not willing to be use under FRAND. They are no better then Motorola Mobile now owned by Google (you know the company whose motto is 'Do no evil').
      • There are no good guys

        apple's design engineers admitted in court that they didn't pay any attention to who owned the IP they were using when creating IOS features.

        So by default, they're both as bad as each other, no good guys, only badddies.
        Little Old Man
      • except you're wrong with F/RAND

        Apple's Motorola FRAND case just got cancelled and the court said 2.25% is inline with ETSI and IEEE agreement. Apple just don't want to freeloading on other IP. Your argument is invalid.
      • Been thrown out in 3 courts

        That case of Apple vs Motorola Mobility(Google) has been thrown out by 3 different US courts.
        Trent Richards
    • We at Apple are GODS...!!!!!!!!!

      • That'll take the wind outta your sails

        Uh, begging your pardon God, but, uh, you misspelled LOSER.
  • Go Samsung!

    Android has market share has now surpassed 72% and still rising fast.

    Goodbye, iOS. Goodbye, Apple.

    Apple as a business is over-rated and over-valued. The latest results confirm that the corporation is overwhelmingly dependent on one product: iOS. Above all, Apple's results are dominated by iPhone. But that's a serious problem -- iOS devices are being eclipsed by much superior rival products which are also much cheaper. Apple now faces a future of managing relentless terminal decline.
    Tim Acheson
    • Go Android!

      It's funny that not many people point out that Apple is a computer company and yet the only thing that really shines is the smartphone. Why does Apple a computer company not shine laptop and desktop sales?

      Apple has a UNIX system. Why are they not making use of the UNIX system that has or was dominant server. It is or was the best secured server on the market.

      The way ASIA is developing and the cheap labor compared to the USA wages I would not doubt they will soon own the smartphone market. They pretty much own the electronic market, what's stopping them from taking over the smartphone market.
    • Dear oh dear...

      Boorish is as boorish does. For a grown man, you seem to need schadenfreude rather too much. Especially as you constantly spin against Google here and on your blog.
      Whatever, you've been pasting the very same post all over zdnet/Cnet on everything Apple, like a troll with Tourette's Syndrome.
      You Brits....
      • Us Brits what?

        Little Old Man