Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge phones; new Gear S wearable

Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge phones; new Gear S wearable

Summary: Samsung executive Gregory Lee said the company wants to "change what consumers expect in a smartphone, all over again."

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NEW YORK — Samsung has been a little quiet as of late but not for much longer.

The Korean electronics giant unveiled on Wednesday at an event in New York's West Village its latest two smartphones and a wearable.

Say hello to the Galaxy Note 4, the Note Edge, and the Gear S.

Samsung executive Gregory Lee said the company wants to "change what consumers expect in a smartphone, all over again."

Galaxy Note 4

The Galaxy Note 4 is a marked improvement from last year's Note 3. The design of the device is much stronger and lighter. The metal frame around the edge makes the device sturdier, but it still comes with a plastic backing.

The Note 4 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip, and a 5.7-inch high resolution AMOLED display, which sports a 30 percent bump in pixels-per-inch on the Note 3. 

The battery life is far better, with Samsung executives claiming it charges up to its half-way point in just 30 minutes.

The rear camera sports a 16-megapixel camera with a sharper zoom, and the "selfie" front-facing camera lands in at 3.7-megapixels. As with other Samsung smartphones, it comes with expandable SD card storage. 

The Note 4 will land on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular later this year.

Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung also paraded the Galaxy Note Edge, a breakthrough device for the company, with a curved touchscreen with an independent edge.

It is, in every way, the same as the Note 4, but lands with a sharp display running along the edge of the device. It's also slightly smaller at 5.6-inches, versus the larger Note 4 display.

Samsung executives said the device's edge, a single piece of glass, is a separate entity but looks and feels like a continuous curved screen. The beauty of the separate "edge" is that Note Edge owners can continue to work on what they're doing without being interrupted when a notification comes through, such as a tweet or a sports alert. If a phone call comes in as you're writing an email, you can reject it and carry on writing, without the call taking over your screen.

Developers will have access to the software development kit (SDK) to build apps for the edge display.

The Note Edge will land on the same carriers as the Note 4, excluding US Cellular.

Samsung Gear S

Meet the wearable that ties the Note 4 and the Note Edge to your own personal health and fitness.

The curved 2-inch display wearable is marketed as a smartphone on your wrist. It lands with 3G connectivity, GPS location tracking for running and working out, and can store up to 4GB of data, like music.

The Gear S runs the latest version of Tizen OS, the company's own mobile and wearable operating system. The rubber-type band lands with a heartrate sensor, and a range of more than 1,000 apps available to use.

The wearable's battery life will last about two days.

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  • Note 4 - Best Smartphone on the Planet

    Except maybe the Note Edge.

  • Just another device

    Another series of Samsung "Yawner" products. I over heard a sales person at Costco yesterday try to explain the differences between Samsung products. The look of confusion on the woman's face was priceless.
    Bob Trikakis
    • Moronic drivel

      So you're saying you think it is flattering to reveal your personal (petty) biases. Noted.
      • The height of true suppressive moronic drivel

        Yes because no one is entitled to express their opinion but you yeah?
    • Why are you singling out Samsung?

      Every manufacturer does the same thing. Many generations of similar phones that all get the new popular features every year. On the other hand, the edge is the first substantial, non-obvious innovation in smartphones in a few years.

      Who is confused about the difference between the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note? Just looking at them makes it obvious.

      On the other hand, what was the difference between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c? Repainted previous gen tech?
    • Don't worry

      You'll worship at the apple products even though they are simply attempting to catch up from being 3 years behind the rest of the market place.
    • Costco IT Salesrep....

      Cool story bro
  • Want your daughter to stay a virgin?

    Just get here one of those enormous watch-phones. She'll be guaranteed not to be invited to even one party!
  • Note Problems

    Mostly, I loved my Note 3 - except that it could only rarely pick up a usable Verizon signal. Apparently, this was a known problem. Over the past 10 months, Verizon replaced it twice - once with another Note 3 and the second time with a Galaxy S5. The Verizon rep acknowledged that terrible reception (and I experienced this in Dallas, Philly, Atlanta and Chapel Hill, NC) is a known manufacturing defect and that loads of Note 3's are being sent back to Samsung. Oddly, I never see this problem acknowledged in reviews of the phone. Yes, it's very cool mini-tablet but, it simply doesn't work at being a phone. My kid's Apple 5c and Motorola Droids were far better as doing that basic job.
    • I have not

      herad of any signal problems. My wife has a Note 3 and she loves it. No issues at all, but she is on AT&T.
      • Sim Card error is a known Samsung issue since GS4

        Not surprised. Samsung should fix honor an replace any defective device before they lose more market share.
      • Perhaps it is a CDMA problem?

        Maybe GSM didn't have an issue. Or maybe Verizon is just trying to pass the blame.
    • Note 3...... No connection problems.

      I have a Note 3 running on Verizon Wireless and have great service with it. Perhaps there is a batch of bad phones, but I assure you it works well!
    • Never experienced that

      But I use my Note 3 internationally, but in the US I bought a straight talk sim and it worked great.
  • We're Samsung junkies!

    There's just nothing not to like. File management and storage upgrades...don't even need a permission slip from Steve Jobs (not that he'd ever provide one). Oodles of apps. Intuitive interface.

    I do understand the earlier comment about product confusion, and I think Samsung could hurt itself by having too many irons in the fire. To my way of thinking, 2 vertical products lines should do it: upscale with all the bells and whistles, value for those on a budget. At some point those consumers who are "just not that into it" will otherwise tune out and go elsewhere.
    • samsung has the product line

      They have the upscale bells and whistles phone as well as camparable devices on a budget (smaller screen, smaller camera, less memory) but still fast and reliable with good quality display.
  • Note 5 Wishlist

    I have Note 3 with T-Mobile unlimited 4G LTE, a fabulous combination of hardware and services. As much as I am enamored by the Note 3, and appreciate the improvements with the release of Note 4, I will keep the Note 3 one more year.
    Now I will give my wish list for Note 5:
    4 gigs ram
    64 gigs standard
    4 k youn 3 sided 6 inch screen
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip
    64 bit duel windows/android OS
    Wireless connectivity to wide screen
    20 mp camera
    • i dont think....

      That Microsoft and Google are that close.....
    • Dueling Windows & Andorid at the Not Ok Corral...

      Nope that's just not happening not even dual booting as that's equally preposterous.
  • Same old junk pretending to be something different

    More of the same desperate junk from the Copiers of South Korea. The Fandroid returds amusingly get all hot and bothered by another wave of device and ecosystem mediocrity. September 9th should have a nice chilling effect on all things Android and hapless unoriginal Shamscam. Looking forward to it.