Samsung Galaxy S4 coming to seven US carriers starting 24 April

Samsung Galaxy S4 coming to seven US carriers starting 24 April

Summary: Samsung is rolling out the Galaxy S4 to US carriers before the end of the month. Pricing looks to range from $149.99 to $249.99, with contract or financing.

Samsung Galaxy S4 coming to seven US carriers starting 24 April
Image: Samsung

This morning, Samsung announced that the Galaxy S4 would be available from seven US carriers beginning this month. The folks at Android Central have a summary post since carriers themselves are providing specific dates and prices. So far, T-Mobile appears to be first with availability online, starting 24 April at a price of just $149.99 up front.

The initial $149.99 price from T-Mobile is $50 less than we typically see for these high-end smartphones. You then pay $20/month for 24 months with your carrier bill to pay off the phone, but then unlike all the other carriers, T-Mobile stops billing you this $20 fee. Combined with their new Simple Choice plans, they have a compelling offer.

Sprint's Galaxy S4 will launch on 27 April for $249.99 with a $100 credit if you switch from another carrier. Pre-orders start tomorrow, 18 April, on Sprint and it will be available in White Frost and Black Mist.

Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, Cricket, and C Spire haven't yet announced dates and pricing, but they should all have it available before the end of April. You will also be able to pick it up at various retailers such as Radio Shack and Costco.

I have a Galaxy Note II, but the Samsung marketing machine may get to me and I may find myself swinging by to get a Galaxy S4 as well. It looks to be an amazing smartphone with 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, 13 megapixel camera, 5 inch Super AMOLED HD display, and advanced software features to complete the experience.

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  • I wonder if...

    Samsung will pay college students to write hundreds of positive reviews on the GSIV since they just learned it is bad form to pay them to write fake reviews about your competitors products.
    • Hater alert! Hater alert!

      Seriously, go troll somewhere else.
      • You didn't hear?

        Samsung was caught paying students to write fake negative reviews about the HTC One? They got a slap on the wrist fine (just a bit under 1 million USD).

        Doubt ZDNet will run with this story.
        • What's new?

          Companies and politicians have been doing this for decades. Where money is involved, people just don't want to play fair. Remember "Greed is good."?
  • US Cellular has announced pricing.

    You can preorder the G4 off of US Cellular website for $199 as an upgrade if you are eligible. You will get a free flip cover for preordering.
  • AT&T

    I pre-ordered mine yesterday. It was $299.00 with a $100 instant rebate. I think it mentioned they would be available on 4/26/13 and shipped, mine should arrive 5/3/13.
  • What's most newsworthy about this post to me

    is that there are seven US Carriers.
    Michael Kelly
    • Re: that there are seven US Carriers.

      Don't expect nationwide coverage from many of them.