Samsung Galaxy S4 reaches ten million sales milestone

Samsung Galaxy S4 reaches ten million sales milestone

Summary: Samsung says that sales of the Galaxy S4 have passed the ten million mark less than a month after being launched.

TOPICS: Samsung, Smartphones

South Korean firm Samsung says the Galaxy S4 smartphone has surpassed the ten million sales mark in response to high retail and carrier demand.

samsung sales figures ten million

The electronics maker announced today in a press release that after being launched worldwide on April 27 this year, the smartphone is being sold and shipped at a rate of four units per second.

The Galaxy S4, which is now Samsung's fastest selling smartphone to date, has smashed through previous records set by the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2, which took 50 days and five months retrospectively to reach the same figures.

The ten million sales figure is based on global channel sales rather than purely purchases by consumers. The smartphone is currently available in 110 countries, but will eventually be rolled out to 155 countries based on 327 partnerships.

Reuters analysts believe that Galaxy S4 sales will remain strong; allowing the South Korean firm to record record earnings in the current quarter. In Q1 2013, Samsung declared an operating profit of $7.9 billion based on strong smartphone sales, but expects this figure to decline due to fierce competition within the market.

According to recent Q1 Gartner figures, worldwide smartphone sales totaled 210 million units, which is up 42.9 percent quarter-on-quarter. Samsung snagged 30.8 percent of global smartphone market share, whereas rival firm Apple accounted for 18.2 percent.

In addition to white and black, the Galaxy S4 will also soon be available in blue, red, purple and brown this summer.

Topics: Samsung, Smartphones

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  • The World's Most Popular Smartphone, Bar None?

    And the Android market is still so huge that this gives Samsung less than a third of it.
    • Still far behind iPhone sales: Apple sold 5.5 million in three days

      But overall, Samsung advances. In Q1 of this year Apple had the biggest relative cellphone market growth versus the same period of last year, but nominally Samsung added more units sold.


      Looking at specifically "smartphone" market makes no sense any more since most of people now buy Android smartphones not because they want them, but because manufacturers replaced their featurephones with smartphones anyway. In many cases people simply can not buy feature phones, and they buy any phone.

      This explains why iOS still controls 60% of global mobile web traffic and why as of Q1 about 75% of all mobile applications sales in monetary volume comes from iOS versus only 20% coming from Android.

      Pushing huge numbers of $150 Android "smartphones" does not really help much since those buyers never intended to use those devices in smartphone mode to begin with. Hence no applications buys and no web traffic for them.

      Thus the only actual measure of success if cellphone market. Apple has the biggest relative growth year over year, but the market share is only about 9%, while Samsung's market share is huge. (Another matter is that monetary sales volume of Apple is bigger than Samsung and few other companies, combined.)
      • Fragmentation works both ways

        Apple do an amazing job selling so many smartphones with just 1 or 2 devices. If it's easier for Samsung to beat Apple when global smartphones are considered, is also easier for Apple to beat Samsung when just one model is taken. Samsung has a lot of internal competition, S3 is still a great and perfectly modern and capable smartphone.
      • Re: Still far behind iPhone sales

        Not any more. Samsung is well ahead of Apple now.
        • "Not any more" in what? Samsung sells more "smartphones" overall, but Apple

          ... still sell more smartphones that are used as real smartphones, not so-called smartphones people did not plan to use in that role to begin with.
          • Aha

            We knew you'd come up with a way to bias the discussion in apple's favour.

            Classic dders, almost worth taking a note of. iphones are used properly and android phones are not, most people who bought one didn't even want one. Of course all of those newer older members of the community buying iphones, they're all maxing out the capabilities everyday.

            You are the definition of pathetic.
            Little Old Man
          • You are the definition of pathetic, because there is statistics that you ..

            ... can not do anything about it.

            About 60% of worldwide mobile web usage, 74% of all money spent on applications versus 20% for Android.

            $150 "smartphones" that never used in that role makes no difference on the reality other than being PR-boost for Samsung and Google.

            But some people like you are so religious about Google and Samsung that reality is already no interest for you. Only mindless PR numbers that bear no actual meaning, if those are in favour of your beloved companies. ;))
          • In your numbers ...

            Do you have the data of how many people buy the $150 smartphone, and of those how many never buy an app? If you don't then you are just guessing.

            Trying to support an opinion as fact needs better data.
          • What guessing?

            Park of Android devices is larger than that of Apple devices. Yet Apple gets ~75% of application sales. The same is web browsing. Situation for Android there is better, but still 60% of it is iOS.

            2 + 2 = 4

            There is no way to derive any other conclusion. Gigantic amounts of Android devices never really used in the role of smart devices.
          • Theres nothing to support that the traffic is user generated.

            It just tells me that despite there being so many more android handsets, the applications are obviously far less spammy than iOS, and your Android device is not being used as part of a botnet like the Apple counterparts.

            2 +2 = 4

            See? The math proves it.
          • There are few different companies that measure traffic, and none of them ..

            ... shows significantly different result.

            Also, you conveniently "forgot" about applications statistics.

            So your mathematics is like 1 + 2 = 4, despite your argument of otherwise.
      • Too wordy

        In short "I love iOS, and hate Android." That's really all you need to stay. Everything else is just tripe.
      • It doesn't matter

        10 million Galaxy S4 (whatever isn't Apple) sales means 10 million users not buying iPhone. It's that simple.

        People just voted with their wallet. Deal with it.
      • Yeah, Right ! NOT !!!

        I CHOSE to buy my Galaxy S4 to USE as a Smartphone. I ALSO CHOSE NOT to buy ANYTHING apple related.
  • So .... the 80M that dumbdroids threw around was a LIE (again)