Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner 'confirmed'

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner 'confirmed'

Summary: A new report states that it has 'confirmed' the presence of a fingerprint scanner on Samsung's to-be-released flagship smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung is expected to unveil its new Galaxy S5 next week, and before this reveal, SamMobile says it has "confirmed" the presence of a fingerprint scanner on the new device.

According to the publication's inside sources, the South Korean electronics maker has implemented a fingerprint scanner that will work within the Galaxy S5's home button, rather than the entire display -- in a similar fashion to Apple's iPhone 5S.

In order to unlock the smartphone, users will need to vertically swipe the button with their finger at medium speed. In addition, your finger would need to be completely flat and scanned from base to tip. The fingerprint sensor is reportedly sensitive to moisture, and so would come back with an error if the scanned finger is not completely dry.

According to SamMobile, you will be able to register a total of eight fingerprints "and assign each fingerprint a different task or use it as an app shortcut, but at least one fingerprint must be used to unlock the device." You can also apparently use the sensor to open and close personal and private folders, as well as hide apps, widgets and content you want to keep private.

Other security methods, including the traditional PIN code, will also reportedly be available for users.

A number of rumors are floating about the Web concerning the latest smartphone release by the Apple rival, including equipping the phone with a QHD 2K display, 3D capabilities, metal casing, a screen resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM, and a revamped home display.

Samsung is said to be revealing its new flagship device at Mobile World Congress on February 24, although an executive has claimed the launch will take place within March or April.

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  • Samsung are an utter disgrace.

    They are now suing Dyson to try to steal their incredible vacuum cleaner design. They've shown no genuine innovation in any of their mobile tech products; just ripoffs of other companies. None if their mobile tech products are ever updated within a reasonable time frame.

    I am not impressed with Samsung and doubt that I will bother buying any more of their products.
    • Concur

      But that is why they are successful. The Korean government funds successful enterprises and takes the pudding from others. It sparks competition and innovation from non government sponsored free market firms to innovate past the copycats who ride their coattails. In a round about way, the consumer wins.
    • sure..

      Apple stole the pull down menu idea from samsung. I remember all those iphone users getting excited over a feature samsung had 3 years before. Bottom line is they steal from each other..ive had an iphone and I now have the Galaxy s4...ive had every galaxy prior to the S4 as well...and im never going back to the iphone.
      • Yeah, that's it

        Samsung stole their entire phone from Apple, and Apple stole Samsung's pull-down. That's fair.

        If you want to see what Samsung does without Apple, look up the BlackJack and the Instinct. Both were awful devices, but were the best Samsung could do before it began its wholesale copying of Apple.
        • Stole stole stole

          First iPhone was: take desktop OS, Windows, OSX etc and fit what you can onto a phone sized screen. Icons on a desktop - sorry Homepage :) - and clicking on the icons starts up an application - sorry App. Wow that is HUGE difference, HUGE innovation.
          Um - wait on - Nokia's phones had icons and applications too, before iPhone. Even had apps you could buy.

          But Apple did it bigger and prettier and better, no question. That is all.

          and Apple copied Xerox for MacOS, totally. Wake up and smell the history.
          • For once and for all, can you clueless people STOP…

            … claiming Apple stole from XEROX?!? Seriously, if you are going to keep bloating this nonsense, at least bother top check your facts!
    • what use is the fingetprint scanner?

      When I can't operate it with gloves on?
      Not sidetracking but...
      I can operate my Note 3 with gloves on and that is a killer feature which is incredibly convenient for anyone who wears gloves for work, or for riding bikes which I do nearly everyday.
      It actually saves a LOT of time.
      Fingerprint scanner saves you 10 seconds when you purchase something on itunes. Yeh, I need that everyday right? Is that really a feature designed for Apple or the user?
      Oh wait, you can unlock the phone with it. AMAZING!
      Show me how you operate iphone with gloves on - that would be amazing.
      • All I do is enter my pin code

        or my password, depending on what I'm doing at the time. Even so, it's like 2 more seconds if I don't have the fingerprint scanner because of gloves and I doubt I'll be buying apps while I'm weightlifting, riding a bike, or shoveling snow.
    • ehh

      "incredible vacuum cleaner design",
      Worth a chuckle, they have all been panned by consumer reports as ineffective and horrendously overpriced
      That being said, Samsung are corporate huns
    • utter disgrace

      Samsung has released, Apple has not:
      - large screen phone
      - full HD resolution phone
      - better than iPhone Retina displays (pixel size)
      - smart watch
      - NFC
      - features like air-gesture (wave etc) phone operation

      Android first, Apple copied:
      - pull-down menus e.g. notifications
      - iOS7 multi-tasking thumbnail view with control (oh it's turned sideways on iOS to try to look different - or maybe an "innovation"? hehe
      - simplified, clean (no bevels) UI (basically iOS7 largely copied Android 4.x UI and some from Windows8phone and desktop
      - etc
      • And the nonsense continues

        Nothing in your feature list is either innovative (other than NFC) or relevant.
        • Putting a larger screen on something is NOT innovation.
        • Full HD on a phone, even a 6" phone, is useless. And also no innovative.
        • Having smaller pixels does not make it better
        • Smart watch? Big deal. Beyond that, the Gear sucks. Read any good reviews of it?
        • NFC is a useless dead end
        • Air gesture is a useless dead end as well, and is a joke.

        Android was copied wholesale from iOS, so the rest of your blather is just that.
  • Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner 'confirmed'….

    Once again Samsung 'copy'.
  • Uhm.. to the people claiming Samsung is copying Apple...

    Then you'll have to accept that Apple is copying Motorola's Atrix phone.

    Of course all of them are copying HP, which put a fingerprint scanner on their iPaq PocketPC H500 in *2002*.

    Or the Psion Teklogic Icon which had a fingerprint scanner and actually included a 3G wireless connection in their PDA in 2009.

    The fact is that fingerprint scanners on PDAs and phone weren't an Apple invention.

    And it's not just Samsung - LG is also planning to include a fingerprint reader in their upcoming phones.

    Time to move out of the Apple Store and maybe get some history other than the History of Jobs under your belt...
    • But they are copying apple...

      Apple release a gold phone, samsung release a gold phone, apple add find my device locking, samsung announce they are making 'similar measures', apple have fingerprint scanner, samsung add fingerprint scanner... This is literally the last 6 months, and it goes right back to the lawsuit that started the whole irritating troll wars - it was no accident that the galaxy s not only adopted the lettering designation from it's rival, but looked about as similar as you could get.

      Now the trouble is fanboys and trolls. They all seem to assume that apple would have had to invent a technology for samsungs instant adoption to be following, not it's inclusion itself. This is stupid.

      On the other hand we have people who believe (although you never hear from them) that apple are the big 'innovator', in a way they are correct - apple really invent though they do innovate in the sense of implementing an existing technology into an existing product market in a way that is different, however this is about the same or less than most other device manufacturers.

      As you may tell by now I am playing devil's advocate. All of them add existing tech and tweak it and push it and innovate. All of them. Samsung added the eye scanner, pushed the screen size, pushed android furthest from stock, sony brought water proofing for the first time (again there have been waterproof phones, this was not an invention, but it was the first mainstream, no sacrifice, high end smartphone to do so, hence innovation, not invention) They have all pushed screen densities way beyond that of apple.

      They all innovate. They all copy.

      So do samsung copy apple? Definitely. It is their biggest rival, they know their customers demand what apple has plus extras, so when apple add something, samsung copy as close to the line as they can. It doesn't mean that they don't innovate themselves, but it also doesn't mean they would have done it if someone else hadn't.

      As i say they all copy... Expect apples with bigger screens, higher density and waterproofing coming soon... You saw it all on android first - did they copy?
      • Re: But they are copying apple….

        A well Balanced response.
      • "so when apple add something.. copy as close to the line as they can."

        Everyone takes inspiration from something else in the market but let's not act as though they all do it one some equal level. Sammy is well known for cloning other companies products in the market going way back to the early BlackBerry days. And many times going over that line! Which is why Apple was justified IMO in suing them and calling attention to their business practice.
      • Score

        Only we keep score. Consumers signing up for service at Verizon could care less as to who copied who.
      • not really..

        I see a lot of people blindly think that any similarity between apple and samsung is actually SAMSUNG copying APPLE. But it's not always the case. The lettering for instance.. Samsung started the single letter with a single S thing. The Iphone 4s came out october 2011. The galaxy s2 came out may 2011. So it was in fact samsung who started the "S" lettering, and not Apple, as you say.

        But they copy each other. Hell samsung had the yp-p2 back in 2007, and you can tell they at least looked at the yp-p2 when designing the nano in 2012.
        • ...

          3gs 2009 - the s was added for 'speed' - the iphone and iphone 3g had been near identical performance the 3gs looked like the 2008 3g but had improved processing, hense s.

          Galaxy appeared in 2009, but resembled existing samsung designs with additional screen space.

          The galaxy s came one year later in 2010 and had been redesigned through the 'spica' and now closely resembled the 2008 3g design used in the 3gs. This was ground zero for the rounded corners bullsh*t
      • Re: Expect apples with bigger screens....

        Indeed a 13" iPad Air is on the cards.

        Ironically it throws the future of the 13" MacBook Air into doubt as that position is now covered by the latest generation 13" Retina MacBook Pro.