Samsung netbook ready for launch

Samsung netbook ready for launch

Summary: Intel's Atom chip has been ditched in favour of Via Nano in Samsung's second, bigger, more costly netbook


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  • Samsung is aiming to release its second netbook on Monday, the company has said. The NC20 will follow on from the NC10, which was launched in September last year.

    Like the first laptop, the NC20 will run Windows XP. It has a 130GB hard drive, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR  for basic communications plus Ethernet connection and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, an integrated camera (1.3 megapixel), a card reader and a six-cell battery.

  • There are two main differences between the two designs. The NC20 has a bigger screen, measuring 12.1 inches, to the NC10's 10.2 inches.

    The other significant change is to the laptop's main processor. The NC10 is based on a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom. With the NC20, Samsung has switched to a 1.3GHz Via Nano processor and a VX800 chipset. The internal memory remains at 1GB, while the video adaptor has changed from Intel's GMA 950 to a Via Chrome9.

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  • Toshiba M100 Portege , the first true netbook?

    A Russian review translated by google gives this a good review, saying suprisingly that HD video work extremely well. I currently love and use a Toshiba Portege M100 - it uses an centrino 1400MHz ULV Processor.

    Yes, it has been upgraded - a 160GB 2.5 IDE Hard disk, a slot loading Optiarc DVD writer and 2GB PC2700 sodimms.
    Considering this is now 5 years old and still going strong - is pretty impressive. The Portege M100 really was ahead of its game - lightweight, low power, built in DVD/CD rewriter, 12.1'' 4:3 Display 1024x768, non refective. Bluetooth, firewire, USB 2.0. It has a SD Card Slot (but doesn't support above 2GB). PCMCIA, or PC Express with adapter, used for HSPDA. Bluetooth as standard. Strong smart Alloy casing. It doesn't have a trackpad but a 'nipple', but you get used to it. Maybe the M100 was truely the first netbook.

    I also bought the Asus 701 as soon as it came out and found it too limited - its now out of date -
  • netbooks - missed point

    Am I the only one that is beginning to think that the manufacturers are missing the point of a Netbook?

    look at the orginal Asus EEE pc thats the defination of a netbook

    1. lightweight
    2. small
    3. good battery life
    4. SSD storage not traditional HD's (why would you want so much space in a netbook) if you need that much space then buy a LAPTOP......
    5. Cheap (or should i say good value for money "sub
  • Couldn't Agree More

    I could not agree with you more. With "netbook" screens now typically 10", and I recently saw an announcement for one with a 12" screen, I've asked myself many times where is the line between "nice netbook" and "underpowered laptop"?