Samsung promises more Android, Windows 8 tablet PCs in fourth quarter

Samsung promises more Android, Windows 8 tablet PCs in fourth quarter

Summary: As it did with smartphones, the company hopes to overcome its slow start with tablets with a slew of new models.

TOPICS: Tablets, Samsung

Samsung has eclipsed former electronics giants like Sony thanks to the strong growth in its mobile phone sales, but the Korean company hasn't emerged as a leader in the quickly growing tablet market. While the company has had success with its Galaxy Note Android tablet, it's not seen as a market leader like Apple, Amazon, and now Microsoft.

But that may chance, according to Samsung -- and possibly soon. Already it's jointly launched the Nexus 10 tablet with Google, and the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company plans to launch a number of additional tablets before 2012 ends.

Those include the new Windows 8 and Windows RT models like the ATIV Smart PC 500T, but it's not clear if there will be even more Samsung slates, possibly additional Android models, among its new offerings. While it has Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab tablets that cover the 10-inch and 7-inch markets, Samsung hasn't made a splashy launch of new versions since the iPad Mini, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and Microsoft Surface RT were announced to widespread media coverage.

But the company recently told investors that tablets will be a "new growth driver in our mobile business in the longer term," so don't look to Samsung to rest on its laurels. After a slow start in smartphones, the firm has become the biggest rival to Apple in the space, so it clearly has experience in playing catchup. The question is if Samsung has waited too long to make a push as a major tablet brand, and will have to work on joint ventures like Google's Nexus tablets to spur the growth it's looking for.

Can Samsung muscle its way back into the tablet picture like it has with smartphones? Or have the likes of Apple and Amazon put too much distance between themselves and Samsung? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Tablets, Samsung

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  • Improving

    I can definitely tell a large improvement in Android tablets since it's inception. Remember the first Galaxy tab? The one that was basically a huge clumsy phone that wasn't as powerful as some actually phones? Then came the Xoom with the horrible Honeycomb OS. As soon as ICS hit tablets I could immediately tell a huge improvement. Then they started making better hardware, they added Quad Core, better cameras and screen, companies like Samsung made tablets with pressure sensitive Wacom stylus and Asus made tablet that could be docked to a keyboard turning into a laptop. With the rise of Windows 8, now we are seeing powerful tablet laptops that can run the full Windows OS. What is the lack then? Developer support. I feel that in time though, we will see more.
  • Why do people even ask if it's "too late" when these markets are just

    getting started? What % of people already own a tablet or smartphone they think they'll never want to replace? Tip: asking the too late question makes you look stupid.
    Johnny Vegas
    • You manage the "look stupid" part rather well

      You must have been doing it for a while.
  • really???

    "While the company has had success with its Galaxy Note Android tablet, it's not seen as a market leader like Apple, Amazon, and now Microsoft" - Since when is Microsoft a leader in the tablet market?
    • Maybe

      Perhaps you haven't heard of it but, they have this little device called the surface... Yeah, it's actually pretty cool and the keyboard hood is great!
      • Nope

        Perhaps you haven't heard.... Surface is flop in sales...

        It isn't cool and keyboard hood was flawed (and has exited before Surface).

        Point is: Microsoft is no where near market leadership...
  • He is including ......

    Ballmer's dreams ;-)
  • Samsung need to pull off another Galaxy S3 launch

    Create such an amazing tablet and create LOTS of hype around it.

    The trouble is, most people don't have a clue the iPad has any competition and don't even know there's such a thing as a tablet, it's an iPad.
    • They did

      It is called the Nexus 10!
  • One question

    Are we going to see a Windows Phone 8 phablet from Samsung?
    • Re: Are we going to see a Windows Phone 8 phablet from Samsung?

      Microsoft won't allow it.
      • shame

        that would be sweet .. would be a great Lync & OneNote companion device ..
    • I would like to see a Note 2 sized WinRT phone

      Preferably 1366x768.

      With Intel having come to the party with x86 chips that give all day battery life, RT really has nowhere to go but to phones where the lack of x86 support is not a problem.
  • The next 3 months will really show where the tablet market is going

    There has been so much hitting the ground lately, that it is really a crap shoot.
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    Okay did my Cyber Monday shopping (@ ) , thank you Amazon for the savings. WOOHOO !
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