Samsung ships more than half a million Galaxy Gear smartwatches in Q1 2014

Samsung ships more than half a million Galaxy Gear smartwatches in Q1 2014

Summary: The smartwatch market is continuing to grow and with Google I/O next month Android Wear will likely be a force to reckon with. Samsung currently dominates the smartwatch market thanks to its marketing power.

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Samsung ships more than half a million Galaxy Gear smartwatches in Q1 2014

While I enjoy using smartwatches, it is still an area of the mobile market that is a tough sell to consumers. Thanks to its massive marketing budget and Galaxy ecosystem, CNET reports that Samsung shipped half a million smartwatches in the first quarter of 2014.

It is important to understand that the figures from Strategy Analytics are for units shipped to retailers and not a count of devices actually sold to consumers. The figures also do not include the latest Gear 2 or Fit devices and just included the Galaxy Gear watch that is now on sale at a significantly lower price given the release of the new products. 500,000 shipped is still a significant figure and shows that there is definitely some demand for Samsung smartwatches.

Next month at Google I/O we will likely see the first Android Wear offering and given Google's influence it will be interesting to see if consumers more start picking up smartwatches.

I personally use an original Pebble I bought via Kickstarter and like the functionality and cross-platform support. Smartwatches will continue to improve and drop in price and Samsung is leading the charge at this time.

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Topics: Mobility, Samsung

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  • That's incredible!

    ...oh "Shipped".
    • They sold at least one of them, mine!

      They sold at least one of them, mine. I think Apple hurried to buy some too.
  • Well... more likely than a MS announcement

    of 2 million sold.

    In neither case are the numbers reliable.
    • Why

      What makes you say that?
      Richard Callaway
      • He's a paid shill, most likely

        no matter what the blog, there's Jesse with the negative MS comment, the negative MS spin on it. He'll even drag MS into blogs where they're never mentioned, all while praising Google as the second coming.

        The odds on favorite is that he's a paid Google shill.
        • Must have struck a nerve there.

          No need for money, its just too easy pointing out the flaws present.
          • Yes, It appears I have struck a nerve in you.

            You don't like it when people point out the common thread in all of your posts.

            Once people started connecting the dots, it's became easy to see what you're doing, and most likely why you're doing it.
          • It's easy to prove or disprove

            All Microsoft - or anyone else besides Apple - has to do is publish actual sales figures.

    • Translation -

      Samsung shipped half a million smart watches to warehouses, and store shelves, and Google is already feeding you with excuses and misdirection for you to get out ahead of their expected failure at smart watches themselves.

      But then word is your posts are never reliable in case of truth or fact.
      • It is exactly the same as Microsoft shipping licenses...

        And claiming millions sold.

        So what is the difference?

        If Microsoft can do it, why can't Samsung?
  • Samsung, to date, has used Tizen for its smartwatches. No?

    And didn't I read that Google was working on reducing Android's footprint so that it would be more competitive on small form factor devices such as smartwatches?
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • The original gear

      is Android, but is apparently going to Tizen via an OTA update.
      • Interesting, an OTA updgrade will replace the Android OS with the Tizen OS.

        And Samsung's Gear 2 line, including the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit, were released in February, 2012, with Tizen as the OS:

        Interesting that Google is "optimizing" Android for "low performance devices" such as smartwatches. This "optimization" is also what Google did with Android 3.x after Apple released the iPad. I thought that Google could see into the future ...
        Rabid Howler Monkey
        • Correction: Samsung's Gear 2 line was released in February, 2014

          Rabid Howler Monkey