Samsung to produce new iPad screens: report

Samsung to produce new iPad screens: report

Summary: Despite legal woes, Samsung will supply Apple with retina display screens for the new iPad range.

TOPICS: Samsung, Apple, iPad, Tablets

South Korean tech giant Samsung has secured a contract with rival Apple to supply the firm with screens for the next generation of mobile gadgets.


Samsung will provide the iPad and iPhone maker with both 7.9- and 9.7-inch displays for the new incarnations of the iPad and iPad Mini, equipping both with 2,048x1,536 pixel "Retina Display" resolution, according to ET News. The report says that screens for the iPad Mini with Retina display will be supplied in the third quarter, whereas screens for the next generation iPad will be ready for the following quarter.

LG Display is expected to remain one of Apple's top component suppliers, although the tech giant has also tapped Sharp and Samsung in the past to produce the variety of screens required for various iPad and iPhone models. However, the development of new products may have left Samsung sidelined until now — some analysts believe this alleged change in the supply chain is due to the ongoing legal fracas between the two electronics makers.

Samsung and Apple are still continuing a legal battle which has spread into courtrooms worldwide. The two companies are embroiled within an argument over patent use, where both firms have accused the other of using intellectual property without permission in their mobile gadgets. Two fresh trials have been set to examine products filed in the original 2011 lawsuit as well as new models including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5.

Last month, the International Trade Commission (ITC) announced it was reviewing a split decision made by a judge in one of the patent disputes between Apple and Samsung. A judge previously found that the translucent buttons present in Android galleries infringed upon a text-selection patent. In addition, the ITC will be reviewing whether a second patent relating to the detection of microphones or other peripheries within the microphone jack infringes upon Apple-owned patents, and a decision is expected in August.

Market research firm NPD Display Search estimates that iPad Mini 2 demand will reach 15 million units if released this year, and out of this figure, LG Display, Samsung and Sharp will supply 7, 5 and 3 million units respectively. Although the research firm believes that the new iPad will be hitting our stores this year, others — including Citi Research — suggest that the product's release will not take place until early next year.

Recent reports suggest Apple is considering launching a large iPhone model as well as cheaper iPhone variations.

Topics: Samsung, Apple, iPad, Tablets

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  • They come running back!

    Of course Apple has to come running back to Samsung. I'm being subjective here, but have you seen the screens on the newer Samsung devices? They are such beautiful displays! Because of their PPI--among other factors--they have this "flat" (in a good way) non-light-like visual quality that could almost trick you into believing that what you're seeing isn't a screen at all... sort of like a color version of Paper White screens.
    R. Chase Razabdouski
    • Running? More like stumbling

      We all know Apple invented those screens. Samsung just copies Foxconn and makes them.
      • Samsung to produce new iPad screens: report

        "We all know Apple invented those screens. Samsung just copies Foxconn and makes them."
        Invented what????
      • Samsung was manufacturing screens...

        in their own right before Apple ever contacted them. You don't have to copy when you're already making quality product and your R&D is already involved in high definition displays that have been in the works for some time.
    • Beautiful displays??

      I actually haven't seen the new G4, but the G3's screen is not good, in my opinion. The colours are cartoonish and the screen doesn't get very bright.
      Apple's displays are the among the best - as in realistic - that I've seen.
      • Hello

        Apple's displays are made by Samsung until as of late when they tried to break ties with Samsung... Now they are running back because the other guys couldn't produce enough.
      • This is a hilarious...

      • Nyerk, nyerk...

        Apple is not a display manufacturer and therefore while in love with the idea of the retina display's high pixel density, don't have the ability to produce it.

        Samsung manufactures the retina display because they already did the R&D at Samsung Electronics Company LTD to create such a high LCD pixel density and through agreements between Apple and another Samsung division, Samsung Mobile Display, agreed to manufacture it exclusively for Apple.

        It's a difficult process that Apple has tried to outsource because of the lawsuit kerfluffle with another division of Samsung, but the other manufacturers just weren't up to the quality or pricing that Samsung Mobile Display can produce at.
  • Sharp

    As Samsung have taken a 5% equity stake in the perilously ailing Sharp, I think Apple have eaten a huge Humble Pie here.

    Samsung are different from all Apple's other competitors (whether HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei, Blackberry, Lenovo, ZTE, Sony, Acer, ASUS, even LG), as they don't run the supply chain well (as Tim Cooke does), Samsung *are the supply chain*.

    A vertically integrated company from Heavy plant and Ship building, through white goods and consumer electronics, laptops and Mobile phones and components, memory, screens and processors).
    • Humble Pie?

      Not sure what you mean. If the manufacturing arm of Samsung has a contract to produce goods, it benefits both parties, does it not?
      • Re: If the manufacturing arm of Samsung has a contract to produce goods

        So which "arm" of Samsung did Apple sue, again?
        • Heh, that's an easy one...

          Apple sued Samsung Electronics Company LTD for various supposed ripoffs of the iOS software that iP(ad|hone) runs on. Apples high definition LCD displays were invented by Samsung Electronics Company LTD and offloaded onto Samsung Mobile Display for sale to Apple. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics Company LTD has kept control on their AMOLED technology to probably keep it out of Apple's hands so they can competitively use it in their own equipment.
  • Apple should sell their design services

    It's what they do really well. might as well capitalize on it.
  • Apple Are Screwed

    I wonder what it's like to know that every dollar you "win" in a lawsuit against your business partner simply gets passed back to you in higher prices?
    • RE: Ye Olde Barrell...

      I hear that Corvus lawsuitislossus has kind of a rubber tire flavor with a reminiscent hint of pocket lint and a smell of burning cotton rag paper.