Samsung weighs up Android Jelly Bean 4.2 update for Galaxy S3

Samsung weighs up Android Jelly Bean 4.2 update for Galaxy S3

Summary: Samsung has confirmed it is considering how, when and where to deliver the newest Android OS, version 4.2 aka Jelly Bean, to its range of Galaxy-branded devices.


Samsung Galaxy S III owners eager for an upgrade to Android Jelly Bean 4.2 could be in luck, after the hardware maker confirmed it is looking at updating the Galaxy range to the OS.

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung is mulling bringing Jelly Bean 4.2 to the Galaxy range. Image: Jessica Dolcourt/CNET News

The Korean handset maker has not, until now, said whether it will be rolling out Android Jelly Bean 4.2 to its Galaxy smartphone and tablet devices. It only just started delivering the last Jelly Bean 4.1 update to Galaxy SIII handsets at the end of October.

However, on Tuesday, it indicated that an update is on its radar.

"We will announce rollout plans for Android 4.2 to our Galaxy portfolio of devices in due course," a Samsung spokewoman told ZDNet.

While the device maker stopped short of saying which devices could get Jelly Bean, or when any OS update might arrive, the update would be most likely headed to Samsung's recently released handsets. Prime candidates are the Galaxy SIII and Galaxy SIII mini, or the Galaxy Note 2.

Earlier Galaxy devices are unlikely to be part of any rollout, as software updates are often excluded from older models in a range. Hardware makers argue that putting a new OS on an outdated device would not provide a good user experience. 

Once released, SIM-free devices often receive over-the-air updates before contract-locked models do, as the software on the former does not require operator-specific tweaking and subsequent testing. That said, a previous update to Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy SII handsets rolled out to network customers in the UK before it got to SIM-free handset owners.

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean brings a new keyboard input (similar to the third-party Swype app), new capabilities for the voice control Google Now feature and a new camera feature that allows 360-degree photo capture called Photo Sphere.

The first handset to run Android 4.2 out of the box is the Nexus 4, which went on sale in the UK on Monday.

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  • Still waiting for 4.1 on my Galaxy3

    Talk of 4.2 is just that, talk.
    • Who you with (carrier)?

      I got mine a few weeks ago. Such a minor event, I can't actually recall when it was. Is my S3 sooooo much better now - no. Does it make me desperate for the 4.2 update - no.

      Personally I wouldn't be too gutted that you haven't got 4.1 yet.
      Little Old Man
      • Verizon

        At this point it has been rumored to be coming "soon" for long enough that I just have no faith in the carriers anymore. I went into the phone knowing Samsungs history and the fragmentation of Android, but it is a problem that I think is holding Android back.

        Samsung should not be talking about 4.2 until they can say 4.1 has been delivered.
        • Samsung seems to have updated all non-carrier Galaxy S3...

          so I'm not sure you should be blaming Samsung for the Verizon model not having gotten the update yet. It is a sad state in the US it seems, with carriers causing Android to get a bad name for slow updates (not that updates aren't a big problem otherwise), even though international models get updated much faster.
          Blame Verizon for slow updates, for locked bootloaders, etc. Sprint and T-Mobile Galaxy S3 have gotten the update already (latter received it only today).
      • 5.0 would be boss

        I'm just wondering, if you're so not excited about receiving the update, then why are you reading this article and making the effort of commenting on it?
        Eliezer Martinez
  • On their radar?

    So expect no more info for 3mths, then vague plans to roll it out in some odd places in eastern europe, then 3mths later the first updates begin flying out OTA. 6mths after that, my carrier announces vague plans to roll it out......

    Does my S3 lose any of it's value or experience without it? No. Am I desperate to get the 4.2 upgrade? Not particularly. I would like the 360 panorama but if I'm being honest, it will very rarely get used.

    Not that I wouldn't upgrade but I think this is just to answer the frothing diehard fandroids that see a release for the nexus so become fixated on getting it for their handset. They announced it and will do nothing about it for quite a while. And then the carriers will delay it even further!
    Little Old Man
  • Update.

    I just got the 4.1.1 Update Sunday night.
    Born on 420
  • What's planning for S2 ???

    I am eagerly waiting for jelly bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2. i think i will get it next year.!!!!!

    Samsung Galaxy S2
    • No JB

      The Sprint Epic 4G Touch will not get an official update to JB.
  • Jelly Bean 4.1 please help

    still on 4.0.4 on a sim free S3 brought brand new from living in U.K still annoyed that i havn't received update only problem is when i had taken my phone to samsung support in birmingham to have jelly bean put on only to be told the phones region is from S.A.E and only way of getting update is a trip to dubai is this true or will i still receive update as i am in the U.K. the phones baseband version is I9300XXLH1 can someone help my email is below thanks
    Gaz Carmichael-Douglas
    • @Gaz Carmichael-Douglas

      I have no idea about your sim phone but, if they said you need to make a trip for an OTA update, then they may be right. If you don't want to wait, visit this site;
  • @Gaz Carmichael-Douglas

    This is your phone
  • Epic 4g updates?

    Any ups for Samsung Epic 4G with gingerbread?