Samsung's new all-in-one PCs won't bring Start menu to Windows 8

Samsung's new all-in-one PCs won't bring Start menu to Windows 8

Summary: Samsung released a new lineup of Windows 8 PCs and devices but they won't include the rumored Start Menu replacement utility.

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UPDATE: Samsung did indeed launch a new lineup of Windows 8-ready Smart PCs and other devices. However, what won't be included is this rumored Start menu replacement utility.

Much has been written -- plenty on ZDNet (see examples here and here) -- about Microsoft's controversial (and frankly annoying) decision to remove the Start button and menu from Windows 8. While the company has worked to squash creative ways by third parties to bring the function back, it looks like major hardware partner Samsung has turned its solution for the missing Windows Start features into a selling point.

Samsung announced a trio of new all-in-one PCs yesterday, but nothing in its press release hinted at what Mashable subsequently reported. The electronics giant has included what it calls the S Launcher, which appears to be the old Windows Start menu in (not-so-much) disguise.

As the name suggests, you can drag programs and files onto the S Launcher, so you can have easy access to them from the legacy Windows desktop. It also provides a search bar, which could be especially useful to locate settings that Microsoft has scattered in its latest Windows version. And instead of users having to access the new Settings "charm" by scrolling over to the far-right of the desktop screen, the S Launcher has a dedicated Settings button.

For those who want a new PC, but who are wary of the new Windows 8 experience, the S Launcher could be a major selling point for Samsung, though the fact that the company hasn't exactly been touting it suggests that it doesn't want to rub ointment in Microsoft's eye. What remains to be seen if whether the S Launcher is a unique creation, or if other PC makers are developing their own utilities to circumvent Microsoft's controversial decision to drop the Start button and menu from Windows 8.

Do you like the idea behind Samsung's S Launcher? Would it make you more likely to buy one of the company's new PCs? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Windows, Samsung, PCs

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  • No...

    And this is the reason why MS HAS to create a line of devices that demonstrate the way hardware/software integration should be done headed into the middle of the 21st century.
    widow maker
    • Ha! MS learns from the Feds. Go figure.

      Just like endless doses of forced integration we got from those wonderfully enlightened chaps we call our Federal shepherds, MS has decided CHOICE is now a four letter word. GET ON THE BUS OR GET OUTTA THE WAY!

      So "Have it your way" has been replaced by "Go to hell" as we grope blindly into the 21st, cosmically connected century. NOW THAT, like so many other politically correct "progressive" schemes, is technologically enlightened "progress."

      Eh, I'm feeling shinier already. Really, I am.
      • Then why is everybody so complacent with Apple having the same attitude?

        Cylo‭n Centurion
        • With Apple it's expected

          It's basically fait accompli. Things are generally packaged well into the bargain, with plenty of established precedents. When MS attempts such things, the results run from clunky to me-too'ish. I'm being kind here by adding half-baked but it's schizophrenic by any other word. And thus we have Metro.

          Besides, wtf does Wintel stand for if not choice and back door -|- legacy mania.

          [Hey for cheap chuckles, go check out Bott's latest and get a load of Little Fuhrer and especially Little Theo his tag-a-long sidekick and all around sock puppet (I think there's a baby Sara somewhere in the mix for additional wanking). You'ze gonna have to see these metrosexual monkeys to believe 'em. I haven't shed so many tears since Cylon got demoted to broom sweeper from his exasperated boss.]
          • If you want that much choice, move to Linux, or stay on Win7

            Otherwise stop whining.
            People who like Win8 will stick with Win8.
            People who don't won't.

            I've never seen so much emotion packed into such a worthless and wasteful soapbox argument. If the Start menu is such a deal breaker for you, then move along. Don't annoy the rest of us.
          • WHAAAAAAAT???

            Speak English you MORON! The stuff you are saying makes NO sense and has NO relevance to this article whatsoever. If you would like to run around with your thesauras and worldly idealistic views to 'sound' intelligent, then do it with your Mom at the kichen table while she serves your 40 year old virgin butt your favorite mac & cheese for dinner. Furthermore, you need to get a life!

            The End.
        • They don't - not to this extent

          OS X has been moving in the same direction as Windows, but has much less "my way or the highway" about it. The iOS touchpad style scrolling can be rolled back, the Launcher can be avoided, and you can keep your Dock looking pretty much the way it has since Leopard.

          Macs, unlike Windows 8 PCs, can be used by people who don't aspire for their computer to run like a tablet.

          I actually like Metro. On a tablet it would be fabulous. But I would want my mouse and keyboard computer to act like a mouse and keyboard computer, and it is frustrating that you have to go download VIStart or Start8 to get it to do that.
          • Cherry picking attributes of Apple to demonstrate that they're all about

            choice isn't fooling anybody.

            That can be done just as easily with Windows or any other OS.
            I'm sure if I cared enough to do the research I could find tons of things that iOS and Mountain Lion, Dik-Dik or whatever restrict you from doing....but I don't care.
        • Because Apple is GOD you stupid moron

          That's why.
          Cylon Centurion
          • Wrong forum, man. Get out

            Wrong forum. Stop calling others names. You are the jerk here.
      • Forced integration?

        Exactly what are you referring to? Jim crow and segregated schools? You are a fucking lunatic dude.
  • Fantastic

    I'm not the hater of the new Start screen that others are, but I love the fact that Windows OEMs have the power to bring back a replica of the old Start Menu to give people the choice that Microsoft wasn't willing to give them. Also, I am a developer of a desktop app, and Microsoft is acting like the desktop doesn't matter anymore, so if tools like the S Launcher keep people on the desktop, it's not going to upset me one bit.
    • They Have a Choice

      They can downgrade to Windows 7 if they're determined to stay in the past.
      • Remaining in the past is not universally bad

        For example, in the 1950s in America, the worst disciplinary problems teachers faced in school was chewing gum in class. I wouldn't mind staying in that past.
        • Zip guns, teen pregnancy..

          segregation, racism, and more.

          Just because you didn't see it, doesn't mean it wasn't there. It's just out in the open now.
          • Oh there was a difference from then to now

            Certainly statistically. Don't fool yourself. Just because things inexorably move forward (like we have a choice) does not mean they always improve, as if by rote. Would you say classical music of the last 75 or so years matches what Bach and Beethoven and Brahms turned out during earlier times? How honest do you care to be?

            Sadly, forced busing was a colossal waste of money, like so many other socialistic and red tendencies that we are forced to fund. And no one yet knows what the long term price for mass miscegenation will be in this country. Wanna take a bet there too?
        • and they chewed that awful gum in asbestos laden classrooms.

          Cylo‭n Centurion
          • EDIT: YOU chewed that awful gum in asbestos laden classrooms.

            Didn't realize what an old fukk you were.

            Cylon Centurion
      • Not on some of these new machines they can't

        So your response is bullshit.
        Cylon Centurion
        • Yeah, whatever

          I'd love to know how to hide somebody's comments. Really getting sick of seeing this guy's rather crude, somewhat uneducated sounding, negative drivel all the time. You're welcome to have all the opinions you want, but please for the love of god stop sounding like you have an 80 IQ when you post.

          And as far as your comment: Almost anybody who buys an ARM tablet already knows that you can't put Windows 7 on it. And even if you *could* install Windows 7 on one of the Intel tablets, why would you want to? People who buy tablets want a tablet OS. Otherwise they'd buy a standard desktop or laptop (or build their own) to use Windows 7 or Linux on.

          Please think before you speak. You're just a rabid Microsoft hater not even trying to post compelling intelligent opinions.
          Sarah Skanes