SAP to pay interest in US$1.3B Oracle case

SAP to pay interest in US$1.3B Oracle case

Summary: A judge has ordered the German software company to pay interest as well as a US$1.3 billion fine to Oracle for the actions of its now-defunct subsidiary TomorrowNow.


SAP has been ordered to pay interest on the fine it was dealt in November for copyright infringement against Oracle through its subsidiary TomorrowNow.

On Dec. 10, Oracle claimed that SAP owed an additional US$211 million in interest on top of the US$1.3 billion Oracle was awarded by a U.S. court to compensate for the software licences that should have been purchased in 2005 and 2006.

SAP appealed the claim on Dec. 23. The company argued that the "the court should decline to award any prejudgement interest, just as many other courts entering judgement on copyright claims have done", according to the court filing.

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