SAP's latest cloud offerings focus on churning out sustainable products

SAP's latest cloud offerings focus on churning out sustainable products

Summary: SAP has unveiled a pair of new cloud-based solutions with an end goal to help produce safer and more sustainable products.


While SAP (and a lot of other software giants) have been busy focusing on how to better work social into the business world, the management solutions provider is busy promoting its greener strategies too.

The Germany-based corporation has introduced two new cloud-based solutions intended to help manufacturing customers turn out products are safe and compliant.

SAP assured that this can be done by working more in the cloud. That argument is typically applied to making better business decisions in general these days, usually in reference to saving time and costs for various departments. So why not for sustainable production as well?

For example, SAP cited that manufacturers need to know exactly what chemical substances are in the materials, components and products that they buy from suppliers. But it can be difficult and time-consuming to verify this information across an extended (and sometimes global) supply chain involving hundreds of partners.

Thus, SAP argued that with its new methods, manufacturers and suppliers will be able to collaborate to collect, analyze and disseminate product information in a quicker fashion.

Here's a rundown on the new solutions:

  • SAP Product Stewardship Network: Designed to connect manufacturers with suppliers in order to collect detailed information about the substances that in their products.  Information is uploaded to the cloud only once and is then populated across the network. The network is open to both SAP and non-SAP customers, and this network is targeted toward "discrete manufacturers" (i.e. producers of electronic or medical equipment).
  • SAP EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand: Aimed at process industries (i.e. chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturers), this is a content service for managing and creating regulatory documentation. SAP will generate safety data sheets and labels in the cloud that declare regulated substances and tell people how to handle them safely.

Although both solutions are based in the cloud, they use information from customers' on-premise solutions.

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  • They want everything in the cloud

    Of course they want more than just some data analysis going into their cloud. They want everything you do on a computer in their cloud. That way they get more money from you, plus grab you in a bad case of vender lock-in. But what happens when the cloud fails? And it is not a matter of if it will fail, only when and for how long and how widespread. This has been demonstrated time and again.

    Have a nice day,

  • Helps in building customer confidence

    Cloud and SaaS based solutions for manufacturers has been seen with a lot of skepticism in the industry, but SAP has taken an interesting step forward by bringing in cloud solutions for a not so critical process in the scheme of things for manufacturers. In my opinion, this initiative should help improve customer confidence about cloud solutions and might eventually pave way for manufacturers in moving some of the critical processes on to the cloud.

    Should be an interesting space to watch - this one and the integration of social enterprise for supply chain related solutions by SAP!