Seagate CEO Luczo departs from the Microsoft board

Seagate CEO Luczo departs from the Microsoft board

Summary: Musical chairs among Microsoft's board members continues, with Seagate's CEO departing the board.


The Microsoft board musical chairs are continuing, with Seagate Chairman and CEO Stephen Luczo announcing on March 20 that he is leaving the board to focus on his duties at Seagate.

While on the Microsoft board Luczo was on the compensation and audit committees and a member of the CEO search committee that ended up recommending Satya Nadella as Microsoft's new CEO. He has been on the Microsoft board for close to two years.

Microsoft's board of directors now consists of 10 members: Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft chief executive officer; Dina Dublon, former chief financial officer of JPMorgan Chase; Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and technology advisor; Maria M. Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College; David F. Marquardt, general partner at August Capital; G. Mason Morfit, president of ValueAct Capital; Satya Nadella, Microsoft chief executive officer; Charles H. Noski, former vice chairman of Bank of America Corp.; Dr. Helmut Panke, former chairman of the board of management at BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) AG; and John W. Thompson, chief executive officer of Virtual Instruments.

Morfit, the newest Microsoft board member, is believed to be interested in seeing Microsoft focus its business more on its enterprise software/service assets and less on consumer/devices.

Microsoft is not seeking to replace Luczo immediately, but the company regularly recruits new members.

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  • Hello, Morfit

    I just imagine Gates welcoming Morfit in his best Seinfeld to Newman voice... Hello, Morfit.
  • John W. Thompson

    John W. Thompson is also Chairman of the Microsoft Board
  • Seagate deive reliability stinks

    Good riddance. Seagate drive reliability is horrible right now.
    Jason Rasmussen
  • Cleaning House

    Man what is going on with Microsoft??..seems they are really upsetting a lot of the big dogs of their company
    • Or, maybe Seagate needs more of this guy's attention

      They just added a member to the board, letting one retire isn't a big deal. If they are looking for a new board member, I own a lot of MSFT (by my standards, not by Gate/Ballmer/etc standards). I'd be happy to join :)
  • Did Microsoft not get the memo?

    Windows Weekly is not taped Wednesdays , not Thursdays. They should have released this news yesterday :(
  • They need another Tech CEO to replace Luczo

    And to counter balance Bill Gates/ Satya opinions