Second union joins Telstra strike

Second union joins Telstra strike

Summary: The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) has revealed plans to join the industrial action planned at Telstra for Tuesday next week.


The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) has revealed plans to join the industrial action planned at Telstra for Tuesday next week.

The Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union (CEPU) is already planning action over the weekend, before starting again on Tuesday morning. In a statement issued this week, CPSU national president Louise Persse said her group would join the Tuesday action, in the form of a four-hour stoppage before each members' usual starting time.

About 93 per cent of about 1,000 CPSU Telstra workers who voted in a recent poll voted to strike, although a number of workers did not vote. Around 4,400 CEPU workers had voted.

"The purpose of this limited protected industrial action is to highlight Telstra management's failure to make an agreement — not to inconvenience Telstra's long-suffering customers. To beat expected delays, we would strongly advise customers to avoid dealing with [Telstra] on Tuesday morning," said Persse.

"Telstra staff are taking this action because they are 'over' being bullied and ignored by Telstra management. Despite having more than 12 months to get their act together, Telstra management have failed to listen to their own employees and negotiate a union collective agreement."

Persse said Telstra could be a bully at times. "Sometimes you have to stand up to bullies," she said, pointing out that the Rudd Government was introducing new industrial relations laws. "The smart thing for Telstra management to do now would be to give up its pointless crusade against making a union agreement, and focus on making a decent deal that provides better pay and conditions for staff, and better productivity for the company," she said.

"What staff want is not unreasonable. The right to have your union help negotiate your pay and conditions is not unreasonable — it should be something beyond dispute in a civilised Western democracy," she concluded.

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  • Trujillo needs to hear it load and clear

    Right from the beginning there was suspicion about Trujillo, the mess that was made in USA the blatant disregard for the hard won rights of individuals. I will certainly be suggesting to my union to support the Telstra workers. So make it 3 unions.
  • The powerful anonymous troll union!!

    You have a union?

    Then I must also be in that union!!!
  • CHARGE. suckers.

    Yeah me too. Go over the top boys and into battle I'll look after things for you here at home.
  • Nothing like a scab to arouse attention.

    All people should or shouldnt have choice to be in a union. But it shows the selfish mentality to let others do the fighting for you.

    After reading these comments for many months now, it appears rife in the IT/Telecoms sectors, where 'not all, but some', who sit on their bums all day, believe the world owes them a living. They wait for the unions to negotiate then use this as their platform, to try to get more because they are obviously worth it.

    They have no qualms about letting others do the dirty work and at the end, then expect not just a piece of the pie themselves, but the biggest piece?

    No wonder with apathy and selfishness like that, managers are outsourcing abroad.

    So smart arse, you do that, you look after things for now, while others fight for their families. But dont get too comfortable, in case your job is soon be on its way to India.

    Once it does go, who will be the only ones who will care, who will listen to you sob like a little girl and try to help you.

    Since you're not that quick on the uptake, it begins with u and ends with n.
  • Nothing like a scab to arouse attention.

    Well said. I would love to hear what Mel Sommersberg has to say about what you have just put forward, because you are right on. C'mon where are you Mel, and let us hear your reply to this
    common sense reply to the ratbag that posted the "Trujillo needs to hear it load and clear" comment.
  • Union trouble makers ruin profitability

    I think that it is time that the unions are held to account for adversely affectin Telstra's profitability. We are currently experiencing difficult financial times so listen to your Labor mates in Canberra, pull your head in and let Telstra get on with what it is best in doing - diligently serving its customers and looking after the interest of its shareholders - this includes your Labor mates in Canberra.