Secure cloud search service adds Box support

Secure cloud search service adds Box support

Summary: acts as a universal search tool that helps find items in more than one cloud-stored services without exposing that activity to the public.

TOPICS: SMBs, Cloud, Storage

Several weeks ago, I wrote about a technology called from San Francisco, California-based Simplexo, which helps individuals look for files and documents securely across multiple cloud storage services, as well as Exchange, SharePoint, or email.

It does this by masking the requests from public search engines, and refraining from storing direct URLs for files, or user logins and passwords for email accounts. Files and data traffic are encrypted to AES 256 specifications.

Up until now, the service has been focused on the increasingly ubiquitous Dropbox, as well as the Exchange and email repositories. But SearchYourCloud will now work with the cloud storage service from Box, which was developed more explicitly for use by businesses. Box, in fact, is one of the cloud storage services that is being integrated more tightly into other cloud applications, such as NetSuite.

SearchYourCloud, claims that its search capabilities are even more powerful than the native Box search feature. As before, the utility makes sure that "offline" items are deleted from mobile devices after a specific time to make sure they aren't cached permanently.

The utility will continue expanding to accommodate additional cloud storage services: Support for Google Drive, Evernote, and Sky Drive is planned for later this year.

Topics: SMBs, Cloud, Storage

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