Seek warns users over new online job scam

Seek warns users over new online job scam

Summary: Online job search engine Seek is warning users not to fall for an e-mail scam that employs the bogus company name "Plasma Project" and claims to be powered by Seek.The scam e-mail details a job involving the transfer of money on the bogus company's behalf.

Online job search engine Seek is warning users not to fall for an e-mail scam that employs the bogus company name "Plasma Project" and claims to be powered by Seek.

The scam e-mail details a job involving the transfer of money on the bogus company's behalf. Previously, the scammers have employed the names Plasma Connection or Plasma TV.

The job "offer" employs phrases such as "Powered by Seek or "Seek Job of the Week" and even claims that the e-mail address was provided to the company by

Seek communications manager Simon Waring said the fake company was not registered with Seek and had not advertised with Seek. He also emphasised that the e-mail addresses of recipients had not been supplied by Seek.

"These claims are false, illegal, and Seek will pursue all legal avenues open to it to protect our reputation and the privacy of our registered users," Waring said.

Waring advised that users who get this type of e-mail should not respond to the job offer or submit their bank details or other private financial information in any application process. He added that if the users have already supplied bank account details, they should immediately contact their bank for advice. Users who have been victimised by the scam should contact the Australian Federal Police Hi-Tech Crimes Unit, Waring said.

"We advise [users] to be wary of any companies that ask you to accept, transfer or 'launder' funds on their behalf. Seek regularly posts warnings about fraudulent advertising, and you can read the latest on safe job searching at our Web site," Waring said.

"Seek has been working for some time with the AFPHTC Unit in Canberra on combating the growth of fraudulent spam, and will continue to alert our registered users to the circulation of fraudulent e-mails," he added.

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  • Hi,
    Here is another job scam, I found this add for Courier in and it's also advertised in Hawai. Once you answer it you get contacted from the company showing an address in Riga Latvia and a telephone number in Greece?
    I can't find any reference to this company in Latvia. The website for the e-mail address is and belongs to a Diana Strong in Houston Texas.
    Don't think it's right. Will keep you posted if I get the next step.

    Z-net subscriber

    Takes about 3-4 hours in a week
    Requires no special education
    Employees get discount on our production
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    Job description:

    We are currently in need of a reliable and punctual person to serve as a courier, assisting in delivery of our production to the interested people in your region. You'll also have to collect the payment, and transfer the money to the company. For the first time you will be advised by our personnel manager, so this job is open for almost everyone. The job takes few hours a week and it is possible to combine it with another one.
    The nature of this job is such that the harder you work, the more you earn. Of course, it depends on the availability of customers, but right now we have a lot of orders from England.


    * A high school diploma or equivalent
    * Ability to quickly respond to our calls
    * Self motivated and hard working
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    * Optionally - Driving license and car ownership

    For this particular opportunity, interested parties should submit their resumes to

    We truly appreciate the time and effort taken to submit your resume for consideration but only those candidates selected will be contacted directly.
  • CoreDrive LTD

    Ive recieved an email from a company called 'CoreDrive LTD' claiming that I was a successful applicant for a Financial Payment Manager that I did not apply for. I replied to see if they were legit, asking for a contact number, a website address etc but of course was not given any and instead was given a long job description and attached was a contract asking for my bank details. has anyone heard of this one?
  • does anyone know which project managment online course will actually get u a job??
    ive looked at seek ' which is 3-part course'$3500
    and another which is $1900'
    the first course with seek takes 70 hours approx' it sounds like youd need more info than that for a project managment position right??
    please respond ' and let me know if you have done a course' and which is the way to go