SharePoint: Can it navigate the cloud, mobile curves ahead?

SharePoint: Can it navigate the cloud, mobile curves ahead?

Summary: A Forrester Research survey finds that SharePoint is struggling to transition customers to the cloud and mobile.


Microsoft's SharePoint continues to dominate enterprise document management, intranets, and internal portals, but there are cracks in the product. For instance, SharePoint's cloud progress is slow and few enterprises have a mobile fix for the software, according to a Forrester Research survey.

Forrester's survey highlights a few common criticisms of SharePoint. To wit:

  • SharePoint is still hard to deploy.

  • Enterprises don't see Microsoft's Yammer as a fix to SharePoint on the social, cloud and mobile fronts.

  • SharePoint Online is being adopted. 

  • 66 percent of respondents — 158 IT decision makers — will deploy SharePoint Server 2013 in the next 12 months with 28 percent going SharePoint Online or Office 365. 

  • 46 percent said they had a positive experience deploying SharePoint Online, but 39 percent had issues with custom code. 

  • Only 15 percent have a mobile effort with SharePoint and 16 percent are waiting for Microsoft to support Android and iOS. 

  • 74 percent of respondents said SharePoint is meeting IT expectations, but 60 percent of business management said the software was meeting objectives.

Of the business managers disappointed with SharePoint, lack of adoption and the user experience were the biggest complaints.

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  • Sharepoint is a POS

    As the survey says:

    * It's insanely hard to deploy
    * It's extremely hard to use
    * It's expensive so there is no business value
    * It meets few business expectations.

    Sharepoint is the app that nobody asked for, Microsoft gave away the CAL's but rapes you on the servers, and it needs tons of care and feeding. Yup, a typical Microsoft garbage product.
  • SharePoint is the product...

    SharePoint is the product every enterprise wants but most don't want to put the human effort behind it that is required for success. It also a product that constantly over sold to organizations that don't have the staff or a good gasp of their processes to make it shine. I do agree with the survey about one thing, the out-of-box SharePoint user experience is awful compared to today's web standards.
  • SarePiint 2013 works great in our enterpeise...

    Of course, we know how to drive adoption of a new application, we have experienced SharePoint architects, admins, developers, and BI experts, and we've automated our deployments using Powershell and TFS builds. It's not a problem with SharePoint, it's a problem with IT departments that have no idea what they're doing and businesses that don't know who to run a successful project. And for the record, SharePoint 2013 works perfectly fine on an iOS, Android, and WP...I'm guessing those 16% of decision makers have very little to no technical knowledge. SharePoint 2013 is an amazing knowledge and BI platform on any form factor if you have a competent and experienced IT department and decent governance and project plans, rather than a few graduates trying to just throw it all together.
  • SharePoint: Can it navigate the cloud, mobile curves ahead?

    From the survey it looks like overall customers are satisfied with Microsoft Sharepoint. 74% satisfaction rate for software is very good. Like someone else posted above, it is great when you have it set up properly. We have it deployed and it works just as expected.
  • So in other words...

    Product originally intended for internal enterprise use doesn't work as well externally. In other news, hard drives outside a computer are found to be slower than hard drives inside a computer.