Six Clicks: The most useful Chrome extensions

Six Clicks: The most useful Chrome extensions

Summary: There are far more than six great Chrome Web browser extensions, but these are the six I can't live without and use every day for work.


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  • Chrome Store

    As far as I'm concerned, Google Chrome Web browser is the best browser around. It's faster than the others and it comes with a great collection of free extensions that makes it even more useful.

    Chrome, as Chromebooks prove, can be used as a universal interface for almost anything you need to do with a computer. One big reason it can be so useful is because of its extensions. They enable you to add everything from minor, but useful tasks, such as copying a link's text, to major work such as being able to edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without Microsoft Office.

    See for yourself, download Chrome, and head to the Chrome Store's Extension section. I think you'll like what you find.

  • Extensions

    Once you have some extensions, you can control or delete them from the Chrome Extensions page. You can get to this via the upper-right hand Chrome customization and control icon and then clicking on the Extensions link on the next page's left-hand side. You can also reach the Extensions control page by simply typing: chrome:extensions into the Omnibox.

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  • Panels

    Like the Hangouts extension, I enable panels (in chrome://flags) and like the ability to have things like
    "Panel Extension for Gmail"
    "Panel View for Play Music"
    As pop-up panels in the bottom right corner.
  • Adblock

    It would be number one on any site that doesn't rely on ad revenue.
    • to be honest

      most sites depend on ad revenues. I block all pop-ups, but I allow most other ads.
      • I'm under no obligation to ensure

        You make money. I block pretty much everything because it annoys me.
    • YEP

      Ad Block Plus is first on my list of extensions to install on any browser. Block them all.
    • uBlock

      uBlock seems to be gaining traction as a lighter weight, less problematic extension for blocking ad content.
  • I'd add...

    Pocket & Xmarks. I use both LastPass & Xmarks since Chrome is not my only browser, I want cross-platform syncing of PWs/bookmarks/history/tabs & they provide it! There are other security-related extensions I use, too, but they'd just bore you.
    • Oh, I forgot!

      Shortcuts for Google! Super convenient if you use Google services much!
    • LastPass is essential

      I would put LastPass at the top of my list of essential extensions for Chrome.
  • Handicapped by Linux

    SJV wrote about Evernote: "It doesn't have a native Linux client so I've avoided it."

    It's what happens when you artificially and needlessly limit yourself to an OS that's been given away for free for decades now -- and still can't manage more than 1%-2% of the desktop market! And SJV keeps trying to get more people to use Linux. And articles after articles touting Linux... it's still less than 2%.
    • Nice rant

      but you forgot to give thanks to your mighty lord and savior...
      • I don't see any reference to MS in his post.

        Windows is not the only proprietary operating system.
  • Extensions I Use

    1. Adblock
    2. Ghostery
    3. Awesome Screenshot
  • re Evernote

    I don't use it much, but the Windows version runs reasonably well under wine.
  • G+ Hangouts

    In recent weeks Google has pushed a new version of the Google+ Hangout that more WebRTC compliant and does not require the plug-in at all. It's not yet completely WebRTC compliant, but it's on its way.

    As to recommended extensions/plug-ins, I'd add ChromeCast, TweetDeck and Feedly.
  • Thoughts

    Firefox user here. I used to use both Chrome and Firefox, but eventually gave up on Chrome. It didn't work well with a lot of tabs, and doesn't have the extensions I want.

    "Search the current site"

    This one looks pretty interesting; I'll have to find a Firefox equivalent.

    Hangouts and Voice are meh.

    Hangouts - Google only. Can't rely on everybody to have a Google account.

    Voice - Frankly, Skype is better. Lots of people have it, those who don't you can call anyways, and it's cross-platform.
    • To follow up . . .

      To follow up . . .

      There are about a gazillion addons for Firefox that search the current site. Just search for "search the current site" at their addons site, and you'll get a bunch.
  • My two faves

    Checker Plus for Gmail and Checker Plus for Calendar. Love both of these and use them constantly. Never have to leave the current tab or site to see Gmail and Calendar.
    • Forgot about those

      Both excellent. Support that dev!
      • Support Jason

        I have never read a negative comment about Jason's "Plus" extensions. He does great work, responds quickly to issues, and is well worth a shareware contribution.