Sky goes public with 'secret' super-fast broadband

Sky goes public with 'secret' super-fast broadband

Summary: Sky is now offering its existing customers the option to sign up for its highest speed package for £30 per month, when it had previously been restricted to only new customers

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Sky has opened up its up-to-76Mbps broadband service up to all UK customers, after initially selling it to new subscribers only.

Sky van
Sky has opened up its up-to-76Mbps broadband to all its customers. Image credit: Sky
The ISP's speediest connection, Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro, was previously restricted to new customers calling its sales phone line. On Friday, the company confirmed a report in ISPReview that everyone now has the choice of signing up for the super-fast fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) broadband connection.

"All our broadband products are open to all customers covered by Sky's network," a company spokeswoman told ZDNet.

Sky did not provide a reason for the delay in offering the services to existing customers when asked. However,  ZDNet understands that development work to transfer existing customers from the old to the new systems had not been completed when Sky began stealth-selling the Fibre Unlimited Pro in April. At that time, people with Sky broadband contracts were only offered the up-to-40Mbps service, which had a more public launch in April.

The Fibre Unlimited Pro service, which comes with an unlimited usage allowance and costs £30 per month excluding phone line rental, is still not available to people trying to sign up via Sky's website. Those who do subscribe are also obliged to get a calling package, which is either free or £5, depending on the plan selected.

Topics: Broadband, Fiber, Telcos

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