Skype 4.0 for Android gets a Windows Phone makeover

Skype 4.0 for Android gets a Windows Phone makeover

Summary: Skype released a major update for Android yesterday, improving the design and functionality of the application. Communications are made more efficient in this new version.


Yes, I'm loving my HTC One, and I've been using Google+ Hangouts for video calling. But I'm going back to testing Skype, now that version 4.0 has been released with an all-new design. Skype 4.0 for Android functions much more like the version seen on Windows Phone 8.

As Derek Snyder stated on the Skype blog, Skype has been installed on more than 100 million smartphones around the world. Skype 4.0 has been built from the ground up, and is designed to make it easier to communicate with friends. Simply tap on a contact and see all the ways you can interact with your friends and family, including video calling, voice calling and messaging.

At first, I performed an update of Skype on my HTC One, but then I could not figure out a way to change my status to available/online. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app with better success, and took the new version for a spin. I still need to test out the impact on battery life and long-term reliability.

My friends and family use Skype more often than Google Talk, and I like that Skype is updating apps to have the same look, feel, and functionality.

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  • And It's Better Than The Windows Phone Version

    Ironic that they couldn't implement the same functionality on Windows Phone itself. Microsoft's own mobile platform harder to develop for than Android?
    • Lesser code, lesser work needed to impliment it?

      Could very well be that for Android less complex (read - "stable") code is easier to develop for?

      I can add more horsepower to my 65 far easier then I could my newer vehicle, seeing that my new vehicle has a "better" engine in terms of what it can do besides just making raw horsepower, but the added sensors and components that allow that need to be worked around.

      Likely the same thing is happening here.
      William Farrel
      • Actually

        These days it's probably easier to add power to the new vehicle, it's called mapping and only requires the right connector and software.
        Conversely the '65' would require manual replacement of various parts and intensive testing to ensure all of the new bits work together rather than produce less power due to poor tuning.
        Little Old Man
        • However

          if it was 1965 and the '65' became a '48', then yes, your analogy would work.
          Little Old Man
        • Yes and No

          I'm talking parts for my anaolgy (for real horespower, not the 2-3% increase type) - swapping headers and airboxes, intakes and exhust, control arms for handling, ect.

          The new cars are complex to the point that I wouldn't touch them in any way shape or form, but I could build my 65 in my sleep. :)
          William Farrel
          • I've seen gains of.

            40 to 80 HP, just by remapping changing parts will not gain much, if any horsepower, as the computer will override those changes. But simply remapping the ignition, and fuel, will give noticeable increases. I remember this being a big thing in the 90s (especially with cars like the NSX).
            Troll Hunter J
          • Beat me too it :)

            I was just searching for my pedant's hat.

            I was going to say exactly the same. While I acknowledge there's no substitute for proper upgrade of all parts, 2/3% would be a resister change on the MAF! Going back about 8yrs, I've seen gains of 40%+ on an audi 2lt engine. While that was the FF map, definitely not setup for engine longevity, even modest gains of 10bhp ATF combined with changes to the power curve, can make it feel like a different car in the way it drives power is delivered.
            As all of this is done through the ODB and ECU, it actually involves less risk than bolting on new parts as you can get feedback from the car as it's being driven.
            Little Old Man
      • I think you misread the article:

        "Skype 4.0 for Android functions much more like the version seen on Windows Phone 8."

        The fact that Skype have chosen to make the Android app more like WinPhone8 than the other way around should make this pretty clear.

        Windows Phone is very easy to develop for and it's dev tooling (via Visual Studio and its ecosystem) is **exceptional** compared to both Eclipse and XCode.
        • Skype is owned by who?

          A: Microsoft
          The reason is Microsoft is trying to push their "Metro" crap on everyone. I, for one, will not use skype any longer, as Microsoft has a documented history of installing spyware.
          Troll Hunter J
          • You worried about spyware? You also wont be using Android or iOS,

            since, they are more spyware-laden than anything from Microsoft.

            In fact, Google is built on spyware, with the biggest spying device on the planet being Google search, with Android being second.

            iOS also follows your every move, on the internet and with your calls and texting and everything you can do with any of their devices.

            So, I'm gathering that, you aren't and won't be using any smartphones or tablets or computers, since all of them are using some sort of spyware mechanism.

            How did you manage to enter your comments into the computer anyway, since you can't be using any technology at all.
          • Re: more spyware-laden than anything from Microsoft

            So Microsoft spyware is better?
          • I suggest you stop using the internet, then

            Since these days, almost everything is spying on you on the internet
            Michael Alan Goff
    • not ironic

      Skype has a Windows phone app that works over 3G or WiFi connections, does video & voice-only calling plus messaging.
  • Ill admit

    my predictions went astray here. I thought they would let the other platforms languish and favor their own. I think its because of competition from google+ hangouts which is doing quite well. Plus skype is a popular, directly revenue generating product, so they just need to take advantage of that and forget trying to use it as a carrot for windows only.
    They realize that windows phone is at best going to grow very slowly no matter what they do, so they just can't ignore other platforms anymore.
  • Can you get a skype number and write a review?

    Trying just using Skype number and not your cell number, how feasible is will be dumping a cell number totally?