Slideshow: Say hello to Ubuntu 12.10 Linux

Slideshow: Say hello to Ubuntu 12.10 Linux

Summary: The latest version of Ubuntu Linux is ready for your inspection.


Topics: Ubuntu, Linux, Open Source, Operating Systems, Software

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  • Slideshow: Say hello to Ubuntu 12.10 Linux

    More people will be saying good bye to linux. The only redeeming quality this version has is that they got rid of the ugly brown poop smeared wall paper. Really there are no real reasons to use it and linux still treats its users like they are idiots. That's pretty insulting. I'm sure the number of downloads will be the 10's and that's because 2 linux fan boys are splitting it between their PCs.

    With linux you get to download, wipe, install, compile, configure, and hope it goes well but chances are it won't or you can go with something better. Good luck watching any media while your at it since its not licensed on linux.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Google before making yourself look bad

      Just because you don't know how to use linux doesn't mean nobody uses it.
      • I know how to use it

        I choose not to because my time is better spent doing other things instead of compiling the latest kernel source or configuring screen displays.
        Loverock Davidson-
        • This

          Han CNX
        • Great point made...

          Linux takes time... Precious time.
          • Less time than MS Windows

            We have two computers, one MS Windows 7, the other is Ubuntu. We waste so much more keeping the Windows machine going. We must have spent 20 hours on the phone with Apple, Microsoft and HP just trying to get a new iPod to work (it never did). Never had any problem like that with Ubuntu. Ever. Just installing a new printer was a nightmare with Windows 7, but didn't have to do a damned thing with Ubuntu, it just knew the printer was there on the LAN, and that was that.
            Thomas Mc
        • Sometimes it takes longer to learn something,

          but there is no need to be ashamed. Plenty of people have learning disabilities.
          • And

            it probably takes less time to learn Ubuntu than it does any new MS OS.
            Thomas Mc
        • Loverock hasn't a clue

          You apparently don't know how to use it, or haven't tried it since sometime in late 2006. It is easy to install, easy to use, and more secure than windows.

          There is no building your own kernel, and a rhesus monkey could run it.
          Dennis Gutowski
        • Come join us in the 21st Century!

          People don't compile the latest kernel source anymore, fool, or configure screen displays. Do you still use DOS on a Microsoft computer?!?
          Thomas Mc
          • Linux is now easier to use than Windows

            We have two computers: one Linux, and one Windows 7. When we bought a new printer, it took us half an hour to get Windows to recognize it on the LAN. Linux was another matter, I just opened a print dialog in an application, and there was the printer, ready to be used, I didn't even have to tell it to look for it. This kind of thing has been happening over and over, Linux is now MUCH more user friendly that Windows ever will be.
            Thomas Mc
        • Compiling?

          Compiling the latest kernel source? In ubuntu?
          Them Par
        • embarassement to MS

          One day you will realise what a fool you are
    • Good luck joining Apple lockdown land.

      Because that's where Windows is heading
      Alan Smithie
    • oh dear

      I haven't visited this blog for quite a while and I see my old friend love-cock still posts attention-seeking/inane ramblings here.

      Oh dear, quite a saddo..............

      Anyways built my new i7 3770, 8Gb and a 128Gb Samsung 830 SSD, and the *BIG* decision is what distro to go for :S

      I have used mint for a few years now, but feel like a change !
      • Contrary to the Unity hate

        I'd go with Ubuntu. Canonical is really good at supporting their flagship distro.
        Michael Alan Goff
        • Agreed.

          I can't vote posts up anymore for some reason, but I agree.
          Han CNX
        • Agreed.

          I can't vote posts up anymore for some reason, but I agree.
          Han CNX
          • Vote - Flag

            Do you have to be somebody special to vote and flag? I'm signed in and can post so what's up with that?

            A suggestion. Get flags working for everyone first and then choose a number of flags at which a post will be deleted and trashed. The one who has more important things to do, but still manages to find this article and make the very first comment on it could then be voted out of existence.
        • Unity is better than I expected.

          I switched to Linux Mint a few years ago, and I HATE Gnome 3, but I tried Ubuntu again with 12.04, and actually liked Unity enough to switch back to Ubuntu.
          Thomas Mc