Smartphone App Wrap: Movies, Twitter, games, and exercise

Smartphone App Wrap: Movies, Twitter, games, and exercise

Summary: So many apps, so little time! Every week, mobile gadgeteer Matt Miller reports on new and useful apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10.


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  • (Image: Remember The Milk)

    I am not a single smartphone guy, and use every mobile OS, so I get the chance to try out lots of applications. We now find hundreds of thousands of apps, and it can be difficult finding new ones to try. This is the first instalment of a planned weekly smartphone app wrap gallery, where I'll post some thoughts on new and useful mobile apps, along with representative screenshots from those apps.

    Mobile operating systems today are quite advanced, and come with lots of integrated apps and utilities. A lot is written about mobile applications and how many are available for each platform. I am guilty of installing something like 50 apps on my devices, but then using just five to 10 on a regular basis.

    Remember The Milk

    Platform: Android

    Price: Free

    I have been looking for a good task list application that works across mobile platforms, and for a while I was using Wunderlist. They then updated the service and dropped Windows Phone support so I had to look elsewhere. I discovered Remember The Milk, and dove in to using it as soon as the latest Android version was released that offered a slick UI.

    I love the way you can quickly filter your tasks on the left side, and then swipe back and forth to interact with the app.

  • (Image: FitnessKeeper)


    Platform: Android


    I have about seven weeks until my next half-marathon, and after RunKeeper support appeared on my Pebble smart watch, I installed the latest version of RunKeeper on my HTC One.

    RunKeeper is a powerful fitness application, and last year I signed up as an Elite member so I could do even more with it online. It works well on Android, and tracks just about everything I could want.

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  • Right up my alley..

    Movies, Games, Exercise, and Twitter. Toss in Facebook and you will have 5 things I don't do.
  • The Gallery page layout ...

    needs improvement. I would like to be able to scroll all the way to the bottom of a picture and its caption (especially since they are both growing "taller" than they were in the beginning) without scrolling all the way BACK UP to the top to go to the next frame.

    Not only are there no "previous | next" links at the bottom, but what APPEARS to be a pair of such links, the arrows at the left and right, are actually to the previous/next GROUP of frames.