Sol-searching over at last

Sol-searching over at last

Summary: After a job well done, it's time for Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo to head home for some relaxing times with familiar faces.

TOPICS: Telcos, Telstra

After a job well done, it's time for Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo to head home for some relaxing times with familiar faces.

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Topics: Telcos, Telstra

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  • Don't fish the Turon Sol

    Please don't go fishing the Turon River in the NSW Central West Sol. I camp along there regularly at several spots and don't want my holidays spoilt by anything or anyone associated with Telstra. It's bad enough seeing a Landcruiser branded "Telstra Countrywide" enroute. The Countrywide yarn is a crock of bulldust.
  • Telstra covers Australia.

    Mel one thing you can be sure of on your central NSW travel is that you wont see any Telstra opponents vans. They are not interested in anything outside the capital cities.
  • Only by force and under vehement protest

    Neither would Telstra if they weren't forced to. Look at their Cable network. How many provincial cities and one-horse towns does Telstra's cable network serve? Look at ADSL2+. If Telstra didn't feel the pinch from Optus, iiNet and Internode then ADSL2+ via Bigpond would still be a pipe dream.
  • Lets milk Telstra some MORE!!!

    Let me translate the above comments...Lets milk Telstra some more so we sponge off them & not worry about investing ourselves & then run off to the ACCC when things dont go our way!!

    Lets hope Conroy stops the ROT!!!
  • "Lets milk Telstra some MORE!!!"

    That was a stupid comment. And any expectations from Conroy are no better.
  • Sydney, Wrong Again!

    Telstra has tried to derail country broadband at so many places but if you remember Sydney, Telstra, to be a privately owned business has to provide these services. There are many comments pointing out how Telstra has dummied-up temporary towers to remove focus from a specific town. My hometown was one of them & with a population of over 20,000 in a very centralised area Teistra tried this trick. They were busted pulling the temp tower down & forced to make it permanent. Telstra's board have proven themselves to be scum.

    Funnily enough Broken Hill actually has Optus & I dare say there may be another town somewhere in Australia that isn't only covered by Telstra. Another quite humorous thing is that Optus has actually provided a plan of how they are going to place fibre-optic throughout Australia, albeit with the Govt's assistance. For a non-monopoly this would have to be provided as it was for Telstra when they started out. In case you forget Sydney, Telstra & Telecom Australia were once the same company & Australia's purse went into providing the, quite probably more funding comparatively, original infrastructure. Whilst I don't totally agree with the plan, this is beside the point. Telstra isn't the only company providing services to non-capital cities.

    Again Sydney, you are wrong. What do you actually know about this subject?
  • Time for truth Alfie.

    Hi Rex Alfie. You question what I know about the subject? Probably not as much as you Rex. My knowledge, the small amount that I possess, is derived from what I read, see and hear transmitted for public exposure.

    It may be possible Rex that you have more inside information than me, which could be supplied to you by Telstra opponents whose interest lay in causing maximum damage to Telstra.

    I do think Rex it may be in the interests of reasonable and civilized debate that more moderate language would lift the tone of written exchange. For example forget the 'scum" references Rex it is not a pretty word.
  • re Time for truth Alfie.

    Sydney, I think you might find that Rex Alfie Lee contributes his comments under a variety of names, and the word scum was quite mild compared to his usual tone. He's probably an ex Telstra worker that got dismissed, and can't get over it.
  • Hello Everyone,

    Just joined this forum & wanted to say hi to everyone. Looking forward to have quite a few friends.