Some good paid Android apps now free on Amazon

Some good paid Android apps now free on Amazon

Summary: It can be difficult to find good apps for Android due to the volume of them in the Play Store. It's important to remember that Amazon has an app store, and it has some good ones free right now.

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There are lots of Android device owners out there, and that creates a high demand for Android apps. Unfortunately, there are lots of apps to choose from in the Google Play Store, making it difficult to spot the gems.

It's easy to forget that the Play Store is not the only place to get Android apps. Amazon has an app store, and while it doesn't have a selection as large as Google's store, Amazon often runs specials that offer apps at a good discount, and sometimes even for free.

Such a special is going on right now, and there are some pretty good Android apps up for grabs. The biggest one on special is free right now: Documents to Go, which normally costs $14.95.

Below, you can see all of the apps that are temporarily free at Amazon, so if you see something of interest, you'd better head to Amazon and pick it up. There's no indication of how long they will be free.

Note the image below is from a search, and it dynamically changes, so when you visit the page, it may look different. Save the search to keep an eye on free Android apps at Amazon.

Free apps 1
Free apps 2

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  • as long as you have a credit card

    cant download stuff if you dont have one
    • chances are

      if you have an android device you probably have a credit card. and I wouldn't be surprised if more than 80% of those people already have an amazon account anyway, assuming they live in one of the countries Amazon has its business.
  • Great Deals for Amazon Customers

    of which there are millions. I follow the Amazon Free app of the day faithfully and pick up at least one good Pro or Ad Free game or utility a week. The Docs-To-Go office app was a nice find. I paid $14.99 for it on my first smart phone two years ago.
    Old EE
  • Whoa...

    No gallery view one app at a time? I am impressed, James!
  • Great for Android Customers

    Amazon keeps on giving such gifts to it's customers.

  • AArrrggggghhhhhh

    Either stateside offer only, or I'm too slow....................
    Maybe next time.
  • happy

    he he.. its time to enjoyment because i will get free app here..