Sony's Xperia Z gets a smaller, more waterproof little brother

Sony's Xperia Z gets a smaller, more waterproof little brother

Summary: Sony's new Xperia ZR smartphone comes with a smaller screen and less memory than the flagship Xperia Z, but it can be taken that extra bit deeper under water.


Sony is to add a smaller waterproof smartphone to its Xperia range later this year.

Image: Sony

The 4.6-inch Sony Xperia ZR, which shares many features with the 5-inch Xperia Z released in April, was revealed on Monday. The device is set to launch in the second quarter of 2013, but Sony has yet to announce which countries will get the ZR or how much it will cost.

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean smartphone comes with a HD display, a 13-megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM and a SnapDragon S4 Pro quadcore 1.5GHz processor. The LTE device also has NFC capability.

Like its big brother, the Xperia ZR is capable of taking underwater photos and HD video. However, the smaller ZR can be plunged to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes and still work, while the larger Z can only go down to depths of 1m. 

The ZR only has 8GB of internal storage compared to 16GB in the Xperia Z, although both can expand their memory through a microSD port that can support cards up to 32GB. 

The phone comes with "Stamina" battery technology, which can quadruple battery life by automatically shutting down energy-consuming apps that aren't being used, according to Sony.

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  • 1.5m instead of 1m ... what an achievement !!!!

    Unfortunately though ... both handsets can't be operated once submerged !!! What a bummer. So you can take footage by pressing the start button before diving but of course you can't take still images once below water surface.
    Therefore the whole concept of a waterproof phone is pointless except for making it "party-gone-wild" resistant.
    • pontless 'water-resistant' phone

      You must be kidding, right? a phone that is resistant to rain, being dropped in the tub, being splashed while at the beach, etc. is 'pointless' except for drunken parties?!
      • I do think it was a mistake to sell it as waterproof..

        It's a tricky one because of course it isn't... It's water resistant ... So sooner or later someone leaves in their pocket at the beach, the USB port corrodes and they complain to the local rag... But then... It's the first mainstream hardwearing phone so why not shout about it??

        I really liked the look of these when they came out. Fortunately a girl in the office got on before me. I was jealous, but 2 months later, the outer case has aged horribly.
    • More 50%

      Seems ok to me.
      I like the idea - it's not bigger or heavier, also not more expensive - so why not?!
      I know a lot of cases of water damaged phones - one with me :-)
  • More Waterproof?

    How can something be "more" waterproof? Either it is or it isn't waterproof. Or did you mean water resistant?
  • For Sony Xperia ZR

    It has hardware camera button so you can take photos and shoot videos by using it...
    Priyank Mandalia
  • phone worth to dream-onaprsc

    [] is said that Large screen with high resolution are creating movement smartphones in the world. Sony tech is always at the forefront of creating great products geared towards younger users. The machine is configured Jelly Bean Android 4.1 smartphone comes with an HD display, a 13-megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM and a quadcore S4 Pro 1.5 GHz processor Snapdragon. The LTE devices have NFC capabilities. This is a desirable phone of many people and I have been dreaming it@