Sprint acquires Handmark, OneLouder to step up mobile ad services

Sprint acquires Handmark, OneLouder to step up mobile ad services

Summary: The primary goal of Sprint's buy is to grab Handmark's subsidiary, OneLouder, a mobile app developer and advertising company.


Continuing the big day for technology mergers and acquisitions, Sprint is buying Handmark Inc., an app distributor for Android, Palm, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry platforms.

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The primary goal of the purchase is to grab Handmark's subsidiary, OneLouder, a mobile app developer and advertising company.

The new acquisitions will be merged into Sprint's Pinsight Media+ group for the purpose of boosting its mobile advertising services offered to brands and app developers.

The media unit has been busy building an ecosystem of industry partners in the advertising and retail spaces.

For example, earlier this month the nation's third largest mobile provider announced a deal with Time Inc. to deliver content from its multiple publicatinos within a customizable section of the SprintZone application on select Sprint devices.

Both the parent company and subsidiary will continue to operate as normal with their current brand names and employees at their Kansas City headquarters under the leadership of OneLouder president Evan Conway.

Handmark founder and CEO Augie Grasis will join a new advisory board established by Sprint to provide direction to Handmark and OneLouder.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

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  • Bad news for sprint customers.

    I guess Sprint will focus on advertising and stocking their phones with as much junk wear as possible. Get the newest Never going to update Sprint device with all sprints wonderful apps. I don't think I ever remember using a phone carrier app for anything. The ones that let you check your bill and usage I can understand, but everything else is just spam. They should focus on the T-Mobile approach and let the Device Manufacturer control the software (or actually in that case the OS manufacturer). That way the updates are completed in a quick manner and the carrier no longer has to worry about what app works and which doesn't. The trade off is the advertising dollars from all that wonderful spam.
  • Now I'm glad I left

    Just recently left Sprint and it turns out with this news it was a good idea too. It's disappointing that Sprint thinks SoftBank's investment in it is more useful in advertising to customers it already has, rather than actually working on delivering the service improvements they've been "planning".
  • OneLouder?

    Don't really know much about OneLouder, but I hope for Sprint's sake they are paying attention to what's happening in the mobile ad space today. Times are changing and mobile ads have to change too. To be honest, if OneLouder doesn't deliver video, rich media, and other cutting edge and highly engaging ad formats (like the things we're seeing from Millennial Media and Airpush, or Tapjoy even) this probably isn't going to do much good for Sprint.
    Wes Hershman