Staples offering $75 discount on Microsoft Surface RT tablets

Staples offering $75 discount on Microsoft Surface RT tablets

Summary: The office superstore is offering a deal on any Windows system, including Microsoft's new consumer slates.


While Microsoft is touting that its new Surface Pro tablet has already sold out its initial shipment, the Surface RT is another story. We don't know exactly how many of the consumer-based tablets have been sold, and whether those sales have met Microsoft's expectations or not.

If you want to read the tea leaves a little, office retailer Staples is offering a $75 coupon for any Windows system, whether desktop, laptop, or tablet. Considering the company is sold out of the Surface Pro, that means the discount can be applied to the Surface RT.

Though the deal covers a range of products -- including the Asus Vivo Tab that also runs Windows RT -- it is notable that Microsoft is allowing its new slates to be included. We haven't seen the Surface RT discounted to date from its $499 base price, but now you can grab one for $424 for a 32GB model, or $524 for a 64GB version. You can get the deal by applying coupon code 99279 when you check out online; free shipping is included.

Priced the same as the latest iPad, but moving just a fraction of the units Apple shifts, the Surface RT may see other discounts in the coming months. If that's the case, Microsoft can at least console itself with the positive buzz over the Surface Pro.

Will you buy a Surface RT with the Staples discount? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

[Via HotHardware via Slickdeals]

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  • nope

    not gonna buy junk
    • you are awesome

      I am proud of you. Isn't you neighbor's mom making $1500 or so a week?
      • LOL!

        That was great!
        William Farrel
  • That is $75 off all Windows devices

    Would that qualify for the Surface Pro as well? What about the Xbox? That offer does not seem like it is for Surface RT only. Can the author clarify this?
    Kunal Nanda
    • XBox

      doesn't run Windows...
  • I might consider one

    When they cost $75
    • no no no

      You are waiting for MS to give you free surface and extra $75 for your pain and suffering.
      I can totally understand you. MS Surface is like OMG LOL. Seriously girls...
  • Have it, love it.

    The RT tablet had me at the built in USB port, MS Office, and windows on a tablet. I could care less that it's not the full blown version of win8, that's what my laptop and my desktop are for. The interface is incredible and it is easy to switch between the windows desktop mode and the tiles mode. I'll give this rt tablet a few years of good use before upgrading to the latest and greatest iteration of the pro tablet.
    • Hmm.

      Your reaction to the tablet looks pre-scripted..
      Anthony E
  • No Windows

    Hmm, just checked the website, here the only tablets are the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1N... :(
  • Not bad

    A windows device lasted 4 months the market before being discounted. This is a success in Microsoft's book.
    • Like Apple did with the first iPhone

      lowering $100 after how long?

      So MS is just copying again.
      William Farrel
  • $75 !

    Just wait a bit, that's going to get much steeper.
    Alan Smithie
  • There's a clue..... to how well they're selling.
  • Staples offering $75 discount on Microsoft Surface RT tablets

    Now that is an awesome deal. If there was ever a time to buy a Microsoft Surface now would be it with this discount. I wish I saw this earlier but still going to pass the information on to some people I know that are interested in the Microsoft Surface.
    • Re: Now that is an awesome deal.

      Have you actually bought one yet?
  • ex iPad user

    I can see the jealously from friends and others that use the iPad when they see me with the Surface RT, the mere fact that I have a full blown USB and the bonus of the MicroSD get them going batty, not to mention diving into the file system to grab files to give to them, or mapping drives etc. Bought me 2 64gb MicroSD from Amazon for $50 each.

    People can hate the Surface RT all they want but it's the best tablet I have every used iOS or Android.
    • You mean.

      You have to dive into the filesystem.. On IOS or Android there usually in a folder depending on the file. Pictures/ DCIM - MEDIA/Video.. Going into the file system seems to be more work.
      Anthony E
  • I see the usual crowd is here

    Userama, Alan Smithie, toddbottom7, toddbottom7, ldo17, toddbottom7

    William Farrel
  • $75 Microsoft Coupon

    I just tried to buy one and Staples says it does not apply to the Surface!!!