Start-up outlook: A national disgrace

Start-up outlook: A national disgrace

Summary: The fact that Australia won't be represented at either of the globe's pre-eminent showcases for emerging tech companies should be considered a national disgrace.

TOPICS: Mobility

It's been a quiet month in Silicon Valley for Aussie tech start-ups.

No Australian companies were selected to be a part of this year's TechCrunch 50, and no Australian companies will be participating in the prestigious DemoFall 09 showcase this week.

The fact that Australia won't be represented at either of the globe's pre-eminent showcases for emerging tech companies should be considered a national disgrace. If this was the Olympics, politicians would be offering teary apologies and millions of dollars would be thrown at a new Institute or something.

Actually, millions of dollars have been thrown at a new institute, Senator Kim Carr's $196 million Commonwealth Commercialisation Institute, which was announced in 2009-10 budget. But we are yet to see any concrete plans of what it will offer, and no one seems to be in any rush to put something into play. I wouldn't count on an AIS-scale organisation here.

One of the Aussie DEMO alumni has made the grade, however, with the announcement of the sale of the DemoFall 2008 exhibitor Xumii to the European company Myriad Group.

The sale of Xumii, which makes web-based software for mobile phones, is likely to be typical of the fate of the majority of Australian tech companies for the foreseeable future. With venture capital sluggish and public markets closed to start-ups, trade sales to larger businesses will be the most common exit for weary investors looking for a return on their money.

Serial internet entrepreneur Domenic Carosa, the man behind Destra until the Opes Prime debacle saw it taken away from him, is building his new business around the idea of acquiring small technology start-ups and nurturing them to be sold to larger listed businesses.

If entrepreneurs still have stars in their eyes about one day leading listed businesses, most will need to reset their expectations pretty quickly.

Myriad is a French/Swiss company listed on the Swiss stock exchange, and is a roll-up of a series of different mobile technology companies, working with technologies such as Java, instant messaging, browsers and hash codes, with clients primarily in Europe and emerging markets. The company employs more than 800 people, including 700 engineers.

Xumii's technology uses a cloud-based service to aggregate multiple social media sites and instant messenger services on the handset, based around a hosted contact list. According to CEO Jennifer Zanich, the sale gives Xumii a much louder voice.

"To be part of a public company with such great customer relationships creates an enormous opportunity for Xumii," she says. "One of the challenges of being a start-up is getting large telcos and mobile handset makers to take you seriously. Now that we have the back of Myriad the question of longevity goes away and the focus is on the value of the Xumii Service to the customer."

Xumii has previously been funded by the Australian venture capitalists South Cross Venture Partners and CM Capital. Zanich says that a trade sale was not the only option available to the company, but selling to Myriad presented the best opportunity to get the technology into the market quickly given how rapidly the mobile social networking is moving.

Zanich will stay on to run the Xumii Services division of Myriad, with no changes to its 17 staff, including its Sydney-based engineering team.

Myriad's chief commercial officer Steve Langkamp and his company had been interested in acquiring a social networking technology for some time.

"Facebook recently reported 65 million mobile users," Langkamp says. "This is a massive wave, and the manufacturers and the network operators are eager to ride this wave.

"Our ultimate goal is to push the Xumii application deeper into the phone with our manufacturing partners, rather than just being a download, which enables it to do more," Langkamp says. "The ultimate goal is that we deliver a social phone book that is the core of the phone."

He declined to discuss the revenue that Myriad is likely to make from Xumii, but says the goal is to have the software embedded on phones by Christmas 2010. Commercial terms for the deal have not been disclosed.

"Today it's difficult to imagine a phone without SMS," Langkamp says. "In five years it will be difficult to imagine a phone without social networking, but it is going to take five years."

That Xumii was able to attract the attention of Myriad was no doubt assisted by its appearance at DEMO. Another Australian company which appeared at DemoFall 07, mig33, secured US$13.5 million in a funding round led by Valley investor DCM in January 2008.

No Australian company has made it into the TechCrunch 50, although Tangler, and PeopleBrowsr have exhibited in the so-called DemoPit.

Presenting at DEMO is no guarantee of success, with another DemoFall 07 presenter, kannuu, apparently flaming out about a year ago. But standing on the podium or accepting an Oscar is considered a big enough payout for the money and effort that goes into the Australian Institute of Sport and the performing arts community.

Even a little recognition of the achievements of our entrepreneurs would be nice — especially when the trade sale will generate more money for the Australian economy than a bronze medal in the 100 metres backstroke.

Topic: Mobility

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  • It is a national disgrace

    Australia is still a very inventive country. A lot of the world's innovations, both simple and complex, have come from Australia and it is nowhere limited to the clothsline and rotary lawn mower. Cement trucks, xerography (the method photo copiers use to duplicate documents), the black box flight recorder and the orbital combustion engine were all invented here. As were catermerans, refrigerators and postage stamps.

    Sadly the patents for most Australian inventions are now owned by off-shore companies. It is also a shame that we don't manufacture most of the things we invent.

    Both these can be attributed to our national government (both sides of politics) who kowtow to the United Nations and their tyrranical policies on world trade that is biased towards countries that compete on the grounds that slave labour in dangerous work environments is an acceptable arrangement.

    We can't forget to add our major retailers here either. Coles, Woolworths, Bunnings, Harvey Norman and others are hell bent on making a fast buck at any cost, including at the cost of jobs. With this in mind it goes without saying that they'll keep the difference between the cost of an Australian-made item and that imported at a lower cost.

    Because of our heavy reliance on imported goods we find ourselves in a situation where it is surprising that there are any entities left to worry about attending conferences and exhibitions.
  • typical

    All Australians care about is sport and the thick people who participate in these activities. It's this bogan culture that thrives in this country that stops start ups from being able to generate any interest or investors.

    People in this country are to busy buying Holdens, watching football and beating up their wives to care about achievements in IT.
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    Have I touched a nerve Brett? No doubt you are like I described above. Actually no, I'll give you some credit, as you are posting on this website. You probably drive a Holden Clubsport or Senator and work in middle management for some Telco company, letting your frustrations out on your co-workings and ignoring your wife while you watch The Footy Show while you laugh at Sam Newman because he is such 'a lark'.

    This country is such a joke. And you wonder why we didn't get anywhere in TechCrunch
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    Born in Australia, poster above the other idiot. Doesn't mean I can't bash this country that celebrates brawn and how well someone can drive over science/technology, education and other far more important merits. What a worthless country this is. A country that has no work ethic and peoples idea of having fun on the weekend is heading out to their local pub and knocking someones teeth down their throats. And even though this is a website for people involved in IT, I'm sure this is how you all spend most of your time. Sickening,
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    As the owner of several Holdens over the years I don't think I have been hard done by as a motorist. There's nothing better than getting behind the wheel of an Aussie V6 or V8 and cruising up the freeway, on an outback gravel road or across the desert from East to West and back. Sure beats the heck out of a tinny Vauxhall that's no longer made in its homeland ay. ;-)
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